pa draws

A big happy belated birthday to @tokivi !


in honour of fe14 coming out soon, out-of-context awakening bros! Bc although i am super hype for the game i’m not as hype for the characters yet haha, tbh I’m worried they’ll be reduced to single quirks again

henry’s the hippest hoppest mafia boss yall ever did see, stahl’s a university student, gaius is an idle teen, donnel’s horsing around as usual. lonqu’s doing his potato thing and libra’s the friendly neighbour who likes to come over and cook for u

sans aucune originalité, bien que je n'ai vu aucun dessin de ce tag sur tumblr, je fais, moi aussi, le MEET THE ARTIST!
admirez cet anglais (parce que je suis une bille en anglais, donc profitez, c'est un des rares postes dans une autre langue…)
puis bon… j'ai oublié pas mal de chose dans le “j'aime/j'aime pas” mais j'y ai mis l'essentiel….
donc voilà, vous en savez un peux plus sur moi :)

Still not much time for drawing… So a little doodle about my guardian…. Probably use my last doodle as a base when I change her clothes… ANYWAY… Speaking alone… With my bad english… I will continue to work later… In the futur…. I really wanted to do an update with so draw… (つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ BYE. 

Imagine post-identity reveal Adrien sighing and dreamily doodling “Mr. Adrien Dupain-Cheng” in the margins of his notebook with lots of swirls and hearts and shit.  Nino laughs at him and Marinette practically spontaneously combusts.