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This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to shoot the band “Brand New” @brandnewrock when they came through Pittsburgh while on tour with Modest Mouse, here are some of my favorite shots, feel free to repost or follow here or on IG at


Day: 1556
Shirt: Kurt Vile and the Violators - A Philly Wedding
Color: White / Red
Brand: Tultex
Source: (10/14) this kinda shirt was the whole reason I started this whole project. When rad people who make art team up with musicians you love the music from it just makes for a great final product. Went and saw @kurtvile last night, great fucking show but his new album is fucking good, so it was much like this shirt. Just a good marriage of the two. Stoked for my man and fellow shirt hoarder @perryshall who did the art for this hoagie of a winner. Great unique design. I can honestly say it’s the first musician sandwich shirt I have ever seen. Perry is a great illustrator and also takes amazing shirtless photos when he is not at home drawing. Good stuff
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Gerund vs Present Participle

Hi Guys,

This is an important part of the French grammar that most people ignore.



               EN + (Present form of the verb conjugated at the second person of the plural – nous) + termination ANT

Ex:                                                                         partir – en partant

Manger – en mangeant

Exceptions :

Etre : étant,

Avoir: ayant,

Savoir: sachant


               Do not confound the French gerund with the English gerund (ING form), which can be very different.

1)      Two actions done BY THE SAME SUBJECT

Je mange du poisson en regardant la télévision.

2)      Condition

En faisant ce travail il pourra passer ses examens.

3)      To Say HOW something happened

Je me suis brûle en cuisinant.


4)      To Say WHY something happened

En étant malade, je n’ai pas pu aller au concert.

5)      To express an opposition (it is MANDATORY to use the word TOUT before the gerund)

J’ai fait des pâtes tout en ignorant qu’ils n’aimaient pas ça.


               -Formation :

               It is the same of the gerund, except that there is no EN before the PP.

Ex:                                                         Partir: partant

Manger: mangeant

               -Utilization :


1)      To express two actions done by different subjects (thus replacing a relative clause – qui)

Pierre regardait sa mère agissant de façon bizarre

2)      Modifying a noun or verb

Marchant lentement, nous y sommes arrivés

Une femme, parlant avec l’homme, est venue au magasin.


These examples will clarify the biggest difference in use of the gerund and the past participle.

J’ai vu Anne en mangeant du poisson = I saw Anne when I WAS EATING FISH

J’ai vu Anne mangeant du poisson = I saw Anne when SHE WAS EATING FISH

Dear Taylor,

Hi taylorswift! I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time, and I recently went to your June 13th Concert In Philadelphia, PA.  After your concert I started feeling sick, and within a week of the show, I was diagnosed with viral meningitis. (Viral isn’t the super awful kind you hear about on the news, it’s like the lesser cousin.) While I was in the hospital, the doctors suggested that I got Meningitis at your show! I just wanted to thank you for being such a great performer and artist that after a day in the hospital (and a botched spinal tap)  your performance was still worth going too!