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Si tu veux que les gens t'aiment, il faut d'abord que tu apprennes à t'aimer toi - même.

J'leur dis quand que j'en ai rien à faire que les gens m'aiment et que le but de ma vie c'est déjà m'accepter ? Parce que clairement les autres ce qu'ils pensent de moi, qu'ils m'aiment ou pas, mais ça me passe au dessus. J'aime pas les gens en général alors j'demande pas à ce qu'ils m'aiment.

Little watercolor practice from a digital sketch I recently did.  I’ll probably be doing more of these from now on and since they are practice pieces I’ll be selling them for less than premium prices!
Some of these will also be given out in my Patreon raffle original art giveaways soon!!

Mushroom Tea Cheshire Cat - 7" x 9.5" on watercolor paper $35

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After escaping from a church nativity scene to roam the streets of Philly twice in one night, I vote that Stormy becomes Philadelphia’s official mascot and is given the 40 acre plot of land abandoned in Logan to roam free. Who’s with me?

On a side note, my first reaction yesterday morning was “This is some Georgia shit!”


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01. como que no me doy cuenta intensifies | 02. como que no me doy cuenta | 03. mi dolor de cabeza | 04. me robé la moto de mi hermanita | 05. throwback a cuando era /más/ joven y hermoso | 06. me dijeron que no me comería todo eso. sí lo hice. | 07. tiembla dr. mike, vengo a destronarte | 08. supermodel @scphix | 09. no caption needed | 10. mi hermana menor me marcó como a una vaca. #proudbrother | 11. feliz cumpleaños. por favor, deja de usar ropa tan escotada y de cuero. no me importa que ya tengas 25, sigo viendote como mi hermanita :( | 12. el_ciclo_sin_fin.mp3

Regarding Yuuri Katsuki, PA

Hey everyone, I am so sorry I haven’t updated in so long! I have recently started uni and I’ve so swamped with work that I can barely think.

Regarding the fic:

I have written a new chapter, but I want to make it much longer to make up for not posting in a while. However, I forgot my charger for my laptop back in my dorm so I cant use my laptop over break. Instead I will have to use my phone which is a bit troublesome.

But in case anyone is wondering: I haven’t given up on the fic!