We need help, buildings are collapsed, people are going missing, so many kids are injured and some others were left homeless too or are trapped in the ruins. There is no water and no power.

Down below are included few links to organizations. Donations go toward basic necessities such as food, water, medicines, temporary shelter and long-term recovery assistance.

Thank you everyone in advance and if you can’t donate please help by spreading the word. We’d appreciate it a lot. May god bless you ❤️🇲🇽🙏🏻 and keep Mexico in your prayers

1. International Community Foundation(ICF)
2. Global Giving  
3.  Red Cross Mexico
4. Unicef Mexico
5. Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco is a volunteer rescue brigade, non-governmental or commercial:

If you have other reputable donations sites to recommend, please include them.

anonymous asked:

What about a Richie who secretly has self esteem issues and so he constantly talks himself up out loud... What about a trans Richie who always talks about his dick that he doesn't have,,,,,, what about a Richie that's not immediately taken in by the fandom as the shallow comic relief okay


What runs through the mind, when you read "Magi has only 4 more Chapters"

- Will Alibaba be able to reunite Tess and the other dead Alma Torran people with Fallan and such?

- What about all this talk of knocking down walls to Dimensions with the other Gods?

- is Sinbad actually going to disappear (die)? (my major concern)

- will we find out Sinbad’s greatest regret ?

- Where the heck is Yunan?


Hi everyone. I’m in a lot of trouble rn. My parents were snooping through my phone and found out that Dani and I are dating. They are Very conservative Catholics so being gay doesn’t fly with them. After hours of screaming, crying, being verbally and nearly physically assaulted, they told me to get the hell out of their house.

I am currently stuck in a halfway home for homeless LGBT youth until I find somewhere else to live. I have a job, thankfully, but I can only work so many hours because of school. I have a friend in Louisiana that I can possibly stay with for a bit until I find something more permanent. Though, I am not sure how promising that is, plus it is very far from campus and I would have to drop out.

I am working with my boss on my hourly pay. It may be going well for me but I am still unsure. I have no other choice other than dropping out and finding a warehouse job.

I need about $500 by the end of the week. I’ve always tried to never ask others for things and tried to survive on my own, but I have to swallow my pride this time because I really don’ t know what else to do. The Tumblr community has been amazing to me and has always been very supportive. Any way that you can help, even if it’ s just a $1 would be greatly appreciated. My PAYPAL is Again, even if you can give like a dollar or two, that would literally save my life.

Please help ya girl out!