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I hate you, (not really but go with me on this). It's late, I need to head to bed so I am finishing up the few posts I have in tabs that I want to reblog...AAANNDDDD I am utterly distracted suddenly because TOM HIDDLESTON IS STARING AT ME!! O_O And you posted him so :P lol. (Feel free to mock my tired mind that no doubt isn't making much sense...but thanks for making me stay up a few minutes longer because of the Hiddles. :P)

Woops, my finger slipped…

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[gif: Tom Hiddleston blowing kisses to the camera]

oh my gods *trips over and drops more gifs*

[gif: Tom Hiddleston dancing, aka Pelvic Sorcery]

I don’t know where these keep coming from…

[gif: Tom Hiddleston staring intently into the camera with the caption *mentally undressing you*]

I am so sorry, here let me just…

[gif: Tom Hiddleston looking amused and counting on his fingers, presumably trying to calculate how many sets of ovaries he’s ruined]

I am so embarrassed right now

[gif: Tom Hiddleston laughing and looking shy as he hides his face behind his hand]

Forgive me?

[gif: Tom Hiddleston with a pained expression doing something frankly unforgivable with his mouth, good god.]