b--te asked:

hi! umm pls pls PLS if you have the time, do a thingy on arms when you get the chance, they are so hard i could almost cry aslkdjaskjsas, i keep forgetting how many curves an arm should have/how long it should be (in diff positions/when it's not resting at the hips) etc etc etc ahhh omg please!! thank you sosososo much, i l♡ve all of your art and i hope you have a nice day!! ✧ ㅠㅠ ✧

I don’t want to go into detail in terms of muscles, but I’m sure you can find them if you google arm muscles! Hope this helps u out a little!

just so y’know. if you make a point to tag and/or reblog anything cullistair related that i or friends of mine have made only to viciously shit on it, well. i’ve news for you. my patience’s running fucking thin, and if you choose to blatantly flaunt your hate in my face, don’t go whining if you find yourself having to deal with the repercussions of your own spite. your opinions are your own, your tastes are your own, but the second you purposely go out of your way to make sure i’ll get a glimpse of your nasty vibes is the second you allow for lines to be crossed. 

have a great day, because i sure as fuck plan on having one.