Imagine you across the aisle and you’re talking to you bff or stranger about your very recent breakup with your boyfriend and Tom listening in on your conversation.

Image not mine. Credit to instagram user: twhamerica

Dear Diary

I was out in the Jungle today with a few mates the other day. Just larking about with the wild life, we were having a great time when I looked up.

And saw this rather large Gorilla. Turns out he’s a friendly chap and just needed a bit of help getting away from some peeps with guns. 

 Only to willing to help, Me, the boys and girls, gathered our weapons and set off to his aid.

Do you think my arse looks big in this? See I think it does.

Bit of a fender bender with the helicopter but all OK

Note to self, must remember not to let Samuel Drive

Got to love a man with a big gun, so they tell me. So here’s me with a big gun.

trust me that’s all mine

As with all good stories, my buddies and I, we saved the day. And looked bloody hot doing so, Oh yes who’s the daddy?

Kong and I took a selfie

Pictures not mine I just played (except for the last of course)

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Preparation or last words from Luke.

“Tom have you got your phone…..Well hand it over to me. 

Tom don’t stay to long signing things and taking selfies, the awards start at 7:30 and you’re already late for press.

Tom don’t forget to do the smolder, eye fuck that camera, work that room baby.

Tom no wandering off they get nervous when you do that.

Tom I have your glasses.

and Tom before you dash off check your flies!”

Look at the Eager little bunny all bright happy and ready to go.

picture not mine but one I’ve not seen before.

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@ancientfinnishgoddess @pinkoonicorn is this the picture because only a few days ago I made this.

I’ve had to remove all of my Tom content from Youtube due to copyright reasons so I’ve uploaded my edits into my google drive.

These are not full films or episodes - just Tom’s scenes so “bitesize” Hiddleston portions if you like.

Plus some appearances on British Television.

Enjoy! (There’s more to come in time, I’ll link this post in a new post)

Unrelated (2007)

Return To Cranford (2009)

Wallander (Season 1 (2008)

Wallander (Season 2 (2010)

Archipelago (2010)

Thor (2011)

The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

War Horse (2011)

The Avengers (2012)

Exhibition (2013

Thor : The Dark World (2013)


Top Gear (9.2.2014 - Star In a Reasonably Priced Car)

Artsnight (6.11.2015 - I Saw The Light)

BBC News 24 (4.5.2016 - Unisef, South Sudan)

BBC News 24 (29.11.2016 - Unisef, South Sudan)

The One Show (1.2.2017 - Kong Skull Island)

From goof ball to OMG.

Pictures not mine I just played.

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You play Sigyn in Thor and Tom’s crazy about you...

You saw him walking towards you. What?- No, he can’t be he’s Tom Hiddleston. You’re you! Wait, act normal…

“Hey Sigyn”, he said before facepalming. “I’m so sorry, y/n habit haha.”

You laughed at Tom’s mistake - “Tom, you alright?” you asked him curiously.

“Actually, yeah I am! After work do you fancy meeting me somewhere… I…erm want to talk to you.” his rosy cheeks showed through his white makeup.

“Yeah, okay. How about you pick me up at 7 and we go for dinner somewhere..& are you sure you’re alright.” you asked wondrously this time.

You were getting odd vibes from him- you didn’t want to get your hopes up though. Come on, it’s Tom. It’s probably just something to do with my acting and work… You didn’t have a clue what to think..

———-7pm that night———-

You were ready, finally. You’d tried on your whole wardrobe twice. You had to look nice. A knock made you lift your head; you grabbed your purse and headed for the door. You could see his tall, handsome figure stood at the door through the frosted glass- you bit your lip with lust. You opened the door to see Tom’s eyes checking you out up and down. “Evening.” he said breaking the silence. “Hi.” you said before smiling. He grabbed your hand and walked you to his car, opening and closing the door for you. What a gentleman?- you thought.

———-At the restaurant———-

You had both ordered your meals and sat gazing each other while holding your glasses of wine. “So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about Tom?” you tilted your head waiting for his response. He sat there for a minute, looking you dead in the eyes- you could see his mind deciding what to say to you.

“…I want to tell you that I am a huge fan of yours.”

“Well, thank you and obviously I am also a huge fan of yours.” you smiled kindly but you knew that’s not all he wanted to say to you.

After your response he looked at the table shaking his head and clenched his fists. You raised your eyebrows and what was happening before you then…

“I’M JUST GONNA COME OUT AND SAY IT- I LOVE YOU, YOU- Y/N! I know it sounds weird to love you when we’ve never really spoken to each other before today. Also, that we’ve only played a couple on screen but I feel like when I first laid eyes on you they were attached. You’ve forever been in my mind since the beginning…” he let out a long breath then put down his head

“I’m sorry to do this to you… I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you…” he carried on and began rubbing his neck with his hand.

Swiftly, you grabbed his chin and locked your sight with his…

“Tom, I’m sorry that you haven’t felt like you couldn’t tell me. That is the sweetest thing anybody has ever said to me- ever… So, thank you Tom.” A tear cascaded from your eye as your voice began to break.

Tom stood up and made his way to you. He bent down to wipe your tears, then laid a gentle kiss on your lips.

“I hope this is the first of many, y/n.” He stated as he held your face lovingly.