#LokiLives T-Shirt Sale to benefit UNICEF UK

A fan project sponsored by @HiddleMemes @HiddlestonersFB @HiddlestonersHH

Show your love for Loki with this exclusive t-shirt! ALL PROFITS will be donated to Tom Hiddleston’s favorite charity, UNICEF UK. Profits generated before January 31, 2014 will be specifically donated to the UNICEF UK Syria fund via this link and will be matched pound-for-pound by the British government. For more info and to purchase a tee, please visit: https://www.raize.com/Fundraiser/LokiLives.htm

This fan fundraiser has been endorsed by UNICEF UK > https://www.facebook.com/Unicef.uk/posts/10152162905462594 < and >  https://twitter.com/UNICEF_uk/status/419165108267675649