On the off  chance saw this video that’s been circulating around , you should know that the talented guy singing is  Kangjun .Hes a member of the boyband Cclown.

Why is this important you may ask?

Because the truth is that Cclown and the fandom has been going through a lot lately considering that the group hasn’t made a comeback in a year among other things. 

Now I don’t expect anyone of you to listen to this, especially if you aren’t into kpop   , but if you could take the time to reblog this or even forward the video above to someone who is into kpop it would really make a difference. 

That way maybe just maybe it can stir enough attention for Yedang to make some statement concerning them .

And even if its the worse expected scenario, at least this fanbase can finally get some closure about what happened to them.

Thank you