We're not bad people..

It really annoys me when people frown upon the TCC. We would never hurt our tc’s relationship (if they were in one) and we’d never want to put their job at risk. We don’t want to hurt them or jeopodise their career - that’s why we have these blogs. Surely it’s deemed more respectable to have a blog about the tc rather than acting upon our feelings and potentially hurting someone?

We also see these blogs as support. It shows we’re not alone and you know what? Its not weird to have a crush on a teacher. We spend majority of our time with and around these people. You cannot spend that much time in someone’s presence and feel nothing towards them, whether it be love or hate - feelings will be there.

So to conclude, we’re not ‘delusional’ teenagers. We’re not stalkers, or weirdos. We’re most certainly not immature. We’re not selfish. We’re just a group. A group of humans who - heaven forbid - have feelings for another human. If the people insulting the TCC had so much experience in life, they would know that you cannot help who you fall for.

imagine having to work with your laptop during his class.
you asked him for help on some essay.
he looked carefully to the screen from behind and, instead of typing from your side, he put his arms in either side of you and his head was right above you.
you could feel his deep breath.
and smell his cologne.
and the fact that you were paralyze, even your ears cant comprehend what he was explaining.
seconds felt like hours, he stepped back and went back to his desk.