안녕하세여 슈간데여 방금 꿈을 꿨는데 꿈에서 홉이랑 농구하다가 갑자기 홉이가 지민이랑 농구하고 농구하다말고 피카츄 머리띠 쓰고 눈물 연기하는 꿈 꿧는데 이거 뭐죠…?

[SUGA] Hello it’s Suga. I just had a dream, in the dream I was playing baseball with Hobie then all of a sudden Hobie was playing baseball with Jiminie, then instead of baseball they were wearing pikachu headbands and doing crying acts.. this dream.. what is it..?

나 포함해서 200명이 눈물연기를하는데…. 아 개꿈이군화

[SUGA] I got involved and then suddenly there were 200 people doing crying acts…. Ah strange dream boots(?)

Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans

Bangtan TV Report Interview: If you have a girlfriend, what is a nickname you want to call her?
  • Rap Monster:Of course "jagi".
  • Suga:"Jagiya" may be the most basic address, but to someone I love it is something I want to call her.
  • Jin:I want to call her by the nickname "jagiya" and also by her name. I also want to just call her by "yah". Of course being very close to each other we wouldn't mind being called that and it would have impact.
  • J-Hope:"Aegiya" In BTS's song "Boy In Luv" there are the lyrics "I want to be your oppa." Like that I want to call her "aegiya". It doesn't matter if she is a noona or a dongsaeng, "aegiya".
  • Jimin:"Yeobo"
  • Jungkook:I want to call her "yeobo".
  • V:"Jagiya" "yeoboya" "saranga"