New York, you sure do always know how to put on a show! You were blooming right before my lens and gave me some amazing experiences (check out the video on Instagram)!

Los Angeles, you’re my last stop! Follow my journey on Instagram through photos and videos as I capture each city with my Olympus OM-D EM5II.

{New!} My Vegan Skin Care Routine

Here is my complete skin care routine and my top vegan skin care tips and recommendations.

It’s taken me a long time to really get to know my skin. I had troublesome skin all throughout my teens and I’ve tried a TON of different products and regimes with varying amounts of success. Just as I thought I’d gotten my “perfect” skin care routine nailed down, we made the transition to veganism. Unfortunately, not a single one of the products I was using was cruelty-free so I had to completely change my routine! Now I’ve finally got a small collection of products that I love and I’ve picked up a lot of great skincare tips along the way!

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The 2015 Skate and Surf Festival is just a month away. The festival took off its final lineup announcement last week with additions coming from Real Friends, Cancer Bats, Hit The Lights, and more on top of an already stellar lineup. The multi-day event takes place Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, May 17th at the Asbury Park Oceanfront in Asbury Park, NJ. Tickets are available here with great hotel deals here.

Skate and Surf is your best chance to see reunions from Acceptance, Thrice, American Nightmare, Hot Rod Circuit, Poison The Well, and from Autumn To Ashes all at once. Don’t miss your chance!

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3-D Printing… I think I’m gonna like it. by Thomas Sanders


NEVER BEFORE SEEN: Sony’s New 4K Action Cam

It’s my pleasure to present to you Sony’s brand new 4K Action Cam. The state of the art video camera can record in super high precision 4K, has incredible video stabilization, two microphones for exceptional sound and an extra wide, 170 degree lens that blows GoPro’s out of the water. Not only does this camera have those exceptional qualities but it can be controlled from your wrist, it has fully functioning GPS and it’s splash proof (When blowing GoPros out of the water, of course).

To help show off the Sony 4K Action Cam, Sony teamed up with 20 of the world’s leading creatives to make short films in a series called “NEVER BEFORE SEEN” to showcase the camera’s wonderful abilities. The first three films, below, are “Picture Machine,” “Paperports” and “Creature.” Each film is an enlightening experience, brimming with creativity (Sony will continue releasing the other films on their YouTube Channel). Check them out for yourself:

Check out the Sony 4K Action Cam.

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peach hand cream | YEOPPUDA

hello everyone! this is going to be a review of the cute peach hand cream from yeoppuda store/@yeoppudastore on instagram! this was sent to me for review purposes by the lovely oxyu :-) tysm!!

the container is super cute and looks like a peach and butt, both nice things

!!!! not the tony moly peach hand cream however!!!! i thought it would be but its actually from a brand called “fruit of expression” from singapore (or hong kong?) i believe. no worries tho! it still smells nice (light peach scent that takes a little time to get used to) and does what a hand cream should do (moisturizes dry hands temporarily, i can’t say anything about long term yet)! and it looks cute on your counter haha

once again thank you yeoppuda store for this! hope you guys found this helpful~