“SBS Power FM Cultwo Show” with Heechul as a special DJ on the 23rd August 2016, full.

“SBS Power FM Cultwo Show” avec Heechul en tant que DJ spécial le 23 Août 2016, entier.


Issued in 1963 from Amritsar (Punjab) a special pilgrim Passport meant for Sikhs visiting Pakistan and A special pilgrim visa meant for Sikhs visiting Pakistan…“Good for single visit to Gurdwaras: Nankana Sahib Dist. Sheikhupura, Dera Sahib Janam Asthan, Shahid Gunj, Cheevin Padshahi (Muzung), Shahid Bhai Taru Singh Ji at Lahore…”


So i bit the bullet and went ahead with Patreon-


My goal with this is to not only get support from my friends, fans, and followers, but to eventually give back with special drawings, physical pieces, and even more! 

Thanks for all the support, and i hope this can be the start of my recovery and lead into a wonderful, happy, and healthy future!