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Shin Soohyun ~ Happy birthday ( ˘ ³˘)♥

At first, you seemed like the serious, and even scary looking leader of a boy band I just started to know.

But as my time with U-KISS progressed, I came to know so many other sides of you. Right now, I’m helplessly in love, with the brightest ☆ in my universe~ 

With the letters of your name…

You are Sympathetic, sweet and special.

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You are Out-going, and always Optimistic to those around you.
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You are incredibly Handsome, humble and hard-working.
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You are forever Young-at-heart.
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A person who’s most definitely Unique.
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…and of course, just a little bit Naughty (^_~)b
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There’s so much more to say, but for now..


march 11th, 1989 -- #leadersoohyunday

to our king of fanservice, power vocal, loveable leadernim soohyun of u-kiss. you’re handsome, charming, romantic, silly, loud, funny, energetic, supporting, adorable, cute, responsible, and overall an incredible human being. considering everything you’ve been through, the fact that you’re still able to flash us that bright smile of yours and love us as fans every single moment of your day shows just how much of an inspiration you can be. you pull things together when they’re about to fall apart, and your energy brings everyone else’s mood up through the roof. you’re amazing, and it hurts that sometimes you might not see it. but keep your chin up, because better days will come. and not everything is your fault. remember that.

happy birthday, shin soohyun, and thank you for everything.

gyuwoo-main  asked:


1. Title song I like the most: hit your heart
2. Era which I wish it lasted longer: gora gora… for reasons…. keke~
3. Album cover I like the most: HUH
4. Song that makes me wanna dance: highlight
5. Song that made me cry: none~
6. Song I like the best to sing along: invitation
7. Member I feel the closest connection with: hyuna cus she’s lesbian
8. Hottest/most beautiful member: hyuna…
9. Most talented member: jiyoon
10. Most entertaining member: i dont know them so much yet~
11. Another group I love to see this group with: beasteu?
12. If I have seen them live and where: nope ;o;