conspiracy theory

true reason mcr broke up was because the band was turning 13 years old. 13 years old marks the beginning of teenhood. they have a song dedicated to saying how teenagers scare them.
they broke up bc teenagers scare them and their band was turning into a teen.

“You used me. You let me believe you cared for me.”

“You would have preferred threats and coercion?” the antagonist replied. “I would have got what I needed from you either way, it merely seemed kinder to do it pleasantly and with the illusion of your free choice.” They studied the protagonist carefully, and took a step forward. “Nothing has to change, we’ve made a great team.” 

“But it’s all a lie!”

The antagonist closed the gap the rest of the way and cradled their head. “You couldn’t tell the difference. You thought I loved you - does it really matter if I actually do or don’t if it feels the same?” 

“Of course it matters - I - stop it. Stop talking. I need to think.” 

“And I need to know you’re not going to do something stupid if I let you do that, I would prefer this not to get violent.” They stroked the protagonist’s cheek. “But I need you on my side, here.”  

“Out of all the people in the world you could pick to come and save you, and you choose me…” Their rival’s eyes gleamed, and they bit down on their lip, utterly failing to smother a grin. “I’m flattered.”

“Just get me out of here!”