p:role model

To me, you don’t have to have yourself completely figured out, but if you wanna find the right person, you have to know yourself. It’s learning to be able to be alone. You don’t always need a boyfriend and you don’t always need 20 girls surrounding you telling you “you’re great”. It’s learning to love yourself. You know, I really respect myself and I think if you respect yourself, you’re not gonna put yourself in a situation because you’ll have that little voice inside going “you’re worth something.“
—  Danneel Ackles

ulrikkefalch Society: lets teach her how to be a good woman, a nice girl, a wife and a mother. Lets teach her to be succesfull but not bossy, independent but not bitchy. Lets teach her that if she doesn’t feel like a girl but a boy, or doesn’t know what she feels like, something is wrong with her. Lets teach a 4-year old to be “sexy” but not slutty. Lets teach her that she is an object.

Okay, if y'all want historical role models, why not Gilbert du Motier Marquis de La Fayette and his amazing wife Adrienne de La Fayette.

You know what TV show I am waiting for?

An animated adaption of The Tiffany Aching Adventures from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

I want to see the pictsies and hear their voices. I want to see a little girl kick ass and watch her grow up learning valuable lessons about how to be a force for good in her world and community. I want the awesome faerie tale jokes that Terry Pratchett so brilliantly wrote to reach a wider audience. 

That is a tv show I would binge over and over again.