Come meet the archivists who are helping preserve our fandom culture. Join the archivists from University of Iowa, Texas A&M University, and Bowling Green Ohio as they discuss their efforts to showcase fandom and its 50 year history. The Live Chat is being hosted by Open Doors, a project of the OTW.

“…..on Sunday, September 18th from 17:00-19:00 UTC (check when that is in your timezone) we’ll be doing a live chat to which you are all invited! Three librarians who work with popular culture, science fiction and fantasy collections, all of which include fanworks, will be available to answer questions about their work, their collections, and preserving fannish history.

Our panelists will be

The chat will be held in our Public Discussion chatroom. (This link will go live the day of the chat).

For anyone who wants to find out more about the Open Doors project, please visit its website or catch up on news about their activities.”

Artwork by Gayle F., cover the the K/S fanzine T’hy’la.