Friends & fans, don’t fret!

Despite the recent board resignations, the Archive of Our Own will live on. If anything, the 2016 directors’ long history of hands-on involvement with the Archive will give more support to the volunteer staff who manages the Archive day-to-day, ensuring our success and longevity.

Board certainly plays an important role in the management of the OTW, but their role is more focused on oversight and administration – it’s truly our volunteers who keep the Archive going, and we’re all eternally grateful for their continued dedication and hard work!

ETA (25 November): For more information, check out this update from the Board members-elect.



The above just happened during the OTW Board “open” meeting.

I know it’s easy to scroll past these things–who cares as long as the Archive stays up and you can get your fic?–but the dissent you can see in these transcripts is from people who *run the Archive*.  The Board’s abuse of power is completely wearing down volunteers’ willingness and capacity to work.

I agree with others that at this stage we have reached a point at which members should call for a vote of no confidence in the current Board.  I was willing to go with the “good intentions; poor execution” explanation for the Board’s actions prior to this.  No longer.

Edit/update: People are suggesting we all use #otwboard and #otwrevolution as tags to keep track of the conversation;

Here is a link to a form where you can sign up to be part of a mailing list/discussion group on these issues;


There is a post here (from someone who regularly gets up at 3am to wrangle the archive back up from some problem, I might add) about the message he sent to the Board asking for a vote of no confidence.

Final update to close this off: As a result of the above, the current OTW Board is resigning.  Matty Bowers and Atiya Hakeem, the two members elected this November (and scheduled to start their terms in Dec), will remain.  The AO3, run by a number of committed volunteers, will be fine.  The OTW/AO3, Atiya, and Matty will need your support going forward, so keep your eye on this!


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anonymous asked:

So even in the make belive world people can't get along. Geez how do these morons function in real life when they have to take real descisions? Why shpuld I care to when they don't care? They can keep their dumb playground to themselves.

I assume you’re talking about the OTW board of directors. Having worked in nonprofits for a long time, I’ve found that boards in general can be pretty drama-filled. And then when you add the fact that the majority of their group interaction is done online instead of IRL and that most of the members are coming from fandom, which we know spells drama, and you’re going to get wank and serious issues. 

I hope they can work everything out with their fresh, shiny board, especially greater fiscal accountability and improving the way they interact with volunteers. OTW does some great stuff (AO3, Fanlore, legal assistance, the academic journal) and it would be a real loss to the fandom if it went away.

News about OTW Election

The current members of the OTW Board, eight days before the term of the two new directors starts, have just appointed Andrea Horbinski to the Board for a one-year term. The vote was 4 ayes (Andrea Horbinski herself, Margaret MacRae, Jessica Steiner and Cat Meier) and one abstention (Eylul Dogruel ”but not against :)” in her words).

All OTW volunteers and members present at the Board meeting, including Elections staff, protested against this blatant disenfranchisement of OTW members, ignoring that Andrea ranked nowhere near third in the recent elections. They received this response from Board member Margaret MacRae:

“Open board is for people to observe, it is not an open conversation hour with board although board can decide to open topics to the public. While I understand that some of you are not aware of the general ethics in this situation, this is not the time or place for a discussion on the proper time for a board member to abstain or what is considered a conflict of interest. In this case since we are unable to complete our meeting we will be moving to closed and issuing a statement to address your questions and concerns about this shortly.Here is a blog post on some of the general ethical issues you are all asking about in the mean time http://www.cityethics.org/node/268

anonymous asked:

hey imp! what's going on with OTW/AO3? I've been really busy and haven't been following it closely and i'm just REALLy confused with everything

 as far as I know, the following:

1) the OTW has no budget and at least for a few years has never had a budget. In addition to this, they have refused to state whether or not they have any mechanism for stuff like vetting expenses, which is basically required for proving compliance with not-for-profit regulations, which require being able to demonstrate org funds are not used for personal gains

2) they held an election where an incumbent board member, Andrea Horbinski, came in 5th (for 2 open seats)

3) they held a membership drive before said election, but ALSO before the main october funding drive - which began the day yearly membership eligibility ended (so ppl who donated couldn’t then vote a month later, this november

4) during the election, one of the running members, the current treasurer - Sanders - was speciously ousted

5) before the election, the OTW’s bylaws were changed to allow for removing a Board member for no reason, and also to limit the number of seats so that the 2015 election would only have 2 members elected

6) also during the election, the treasurer MJ MacRae - who replaced Sanders, the speciously ousted member - sockpuppeted during an election chat to pretend to be a non-OTW staffer/board member in order to ask candidates leading questions

7) ALSO during the election, the OTW swore they’d post a 2016 budget in “mid-November”; it has yet to materialize

8) the election happened; 2 people were voted in; neither was Horbinski, the incumbent who was running for another Board term

9) the Board in its present iteration voted to keep Horbinski in until December 2016; Horbinski voted for herself

I think that’s most of it, but anyone who has other info can reblog/message me/etc. Most of this info is from http://otwelections-unofficial.tumblr.com/ OR the OTW funding drive posts, which I was heavily involved in.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an OTW member. I’m not a member for 2 reasons: as a professional programmer, I hesitate to give to an org whose primary funding source, the AO3, is very badly designed; I also hesitate to give to an org that treats legal nonprofit requirements casually or totally disregards them. However, as a person with over 1 million words of fic posted to the AO3, I consider myself a stakeholder in the OTW and a concerned party.

Board of Directors Update | Organization for Transformative Works


The OTW Board of Directors voted at its regularly scheduled meeting on 22 November to appoint Andrea Horbinski to serve the remainder of the term vacated in 2014 by Anna Genoese, ending 31 December 2016. Filling board vacancies by appointment is a normal part of board work provided for in Article V §4 of the OTW Bylaws, and the Board has done so at multiple points in the past.

After discussion with the rest of the Board, Andrea Horbinski has decided to decline the appointment to the OTW Board for 2016. She has tendered her resignation from the Board effective 15 December 2015. Soledad Griffin, Jessica Steiner, Eylul Dogruel, Cat Meier, and M.J. MacRae are also resigning from the Board effective on that date. Those who currently serve as members of OTW committees will remain with the organization in their staff roles but not their Board roles.

The 2015 Board wishes the 2016 Board and the volunteers, staff, and membership of the OTW all the best for the organization’s continued success.