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I finally broke down and splurged on the Rebel Deck. It bills itself as a tarot deck, but really it’s an oracle deck of 58 cards. On the front of each is a keyword or phrase, and on the back is a piece of advice. (Be aware, though, that if swear words bother you, this is NOT a deck for you!)

The deck arrived in a black mesh bag:

The bag actually feels way sturdier than I thought it would; I was expecting a pantyhose-like fishnet, but instead it feels more like a sturdy nylon. I plan on keeping the cards in it instead of switching them to a new bag like I thought I might.

The cards are bright and multicolored. They shuffle nicely, though the cardstock that they’re made of does feel a little soft and flimsy.

They’re GLORIOUSLY snarky. My review was going to be done here so that I could make dinner, but I realized partway through prep that I didn’t have a main ingredient. 

Hubs and I were debating what to do; he decided to just make some noodles. I was craving sushi, but trying to be financially responsible. Hubs finally suggests I just ask the new deck. So I do, only to reveal:

The sushi was fucking delicious.

I think this deck and I are going to get along just fine.

The Rebel Deck on Etsy

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So I wanted to see if it fitted and it kind of does:

It really looks like Oliver is just going to be standing there a while… shock? Surprise? Thinking “How the Hell did we got here”?

Your guess is as good as mine, I go for all of the above

new FAQ addition

This spirit was scary! Is it a demon (as in the actual spirit species demon and not demon as in ‘evil spirit’)?

“This spirit was scary/malicious/hurt my feelings” is not a legitimate reason to jump to the conclusion that the spirit you encountered is of the demonic species.