Happy Thanksgiving!

It was not uncommon for Alexandra Garcia to drop in on their home unannounced. (At this point, Kuroko is just thankful for whenever Alex is fully clothed at their discovery of her presence.) But when she bursts through the doors with Himuro and Murasakibara in tow and a large bottle of sake, it comes as quite a surprise for both of them.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” Alex booms. Himuro and Murasakibara come bearing a lot of grocery bags, which Himuro takes charge of directing his boyfriend to start laying out in the kitchen.

Alex?” Kagami says, still managing to sound disbelieving despite all available evidence in front of him. “What are you doing here?”

Thanksgiving, didn’t you hear me?”

“But—we’re in Japan?” Kagami says.

“I know! That’s why I paid an obscene amount of money to have a proper turkey shipped over here, and I brought all my groceries with me,” Alex says magnanimously. “Getting those past customs was a really interesting endeavor. Thank God I have large breasts. I can’t tell you how much these things come in handy.”

“Ooh, do tell,” Himuro says. “That sounds like a fascinating story.”

“Please don’t,” Kagami begs.

“Maybe later, after the sake,” Alex winks broadly.

“But—why are you here?” Kagami says, still confused.

“Because it’s Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is about family. And I thought about you two, all alone and abandoned in Japan, without a proper Turkey or cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie. And it was too much for me to bear, thinking about how all alone my boys would be. So I came to you with America at hand!”

Kagami squints his eyes suspiciously at her. “You just want us to cook for you, don’t you?”

“It’s because I LOVE you!” Alex booms. “Now shut up and get in the kitchen and stuff that turkey.”

Kagami rolls his eyes, but he presumably obeys, because he walks towards the kitchen, where Himuro is still setting up supplies.

Kuroko has been feeling a mounting alarm throughout this entire exchange, largely because he has no idea what is happening. He feels like this is something that maybe he shouldn’t intrude upon, but finally curiosity makes him bold and he tentatively ventures, “…What is Kagami-kun going to do to that turkey?”

“AH!” Alex yells, causing Kuroko further alarm. And then she grabs him and squishes his face to her breasts. “You’re not a girl, but you’re adorable. This is your first Thanksgiving, isn’t it? Both you and Atsushi!” She presses a large smacking kiss against Kuroko’s lips before Kuroko can do anything about it. “It’ll be the best Thanksgiving ever! Atsushi, you’re next! Come here and let me kiss you!” She releases Kuroko abruptly to go chasing after Murasakibara, who retreats behind Himuro.

Himuro, promptly, banishes everyone but Kagami from the kitchen and orders Alex to stop sexually harassing his boyfriend.


“That… is the largest bird I have ever seen,” Kuroko says, his eyes wide.

“It looks amazing,” Murasakibara coos.

“Christ, Alex. Overboard, much?” Kagami says.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I know how much you can eat. I’ve seen Atsushi too, so I bagged the biggest one I could find.” Alex seems quite proud of her acquisition, leaving Kuroko to wonder if she hunted and killed the bird herself.

“What exactly is the purpose of this holiday?” Kuroko says, because it still hasn’t been properly explained to him. Alex had launched into something about “the pleasant lies we tell children about genocide” and how “it was all like Santa anyway” and then ended on something vague about a red rocket and the signing of some sort of paper, to which Kagami said she was confusing her holidays and Alex said “it was all make believe so it didn’t matter” and then she’d insisted on finding a channel that had an American Football game playing because “it’s tradition.”

Kuroko thoroughly does not understand this holiday.


“It’s about the food, really,” Himuro explains serenely as he sets everything out. “This is the one holiday that’s all about the food.”

And the food was clearly very particular, since Himuro and Kagami had argued at length about the best kind of stuffing and also how to prepare the gravy.

“This is a good holiday,” Murasakibara nods his head, munching on a bread roll he’d managed to steal from the kitchen.

“You have a holiday to celebrate food?” Kuroko asks.

“And like, family and junk,” Kagami says. “But mostly the food. And football.”

“We play basketball,” Kuroko feels the need to remind him.

“Not on Thanksgiving we don’t,” Kagami says.


“It’s about being thankful,” Alex says after dinner, nuzzled into Kuroko’s shoulder, with her leg’s strewn over Kagami’s lap, who is also cheerfully passed out.  “It’s a time to be thankful for all the good things in your life.”

“Oh,” Kuroko says, “I see.”

“It’s Taiga’s favorite holiday,” Alex says. “Cuz he likes to eat.” Then she makes a loud snorting sound and begins to snore lightly into Kuroko.

Kagami probably appreciated that she came. Kuroko is too, now that he understands the holiday.  

He has a lot to be thankful for.


A/N: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Have some sappy Thanksgiving fic because I always wanted to write something about Alex and her kids celebrating the holiday =D

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Ok, but imagine this, Hypoglycaemic!Murasakibara and no one on the team knows except for the couch and for some reason he doesn't have his sweats and his sugar levels drop and he passes out and the team freaks out 1/2

Murasakibara wakes up and blinks rapidly to see a blurry world that gradually becomes the face of his coach standing over him and frowning.

“You’re an idiot,” she says. There’s not as much angry shouting as there usually is when she says such things. It’s a much softer pronouncement all around, but he’s fairly certain she means it.

“It was a long bus ride,” Murasakibara says, aware that he sounds very sulky. But no one wants to be yelled at right after fainting and it’s not his fault he ate all his snacks on the way here.

“You’re still an idiot,” she says.


Coach begins carrying snacks with her after that.

But they’re almost always the healthy kind—the ones made out of fruit and other low-calorie things but high in protein, and really, it’s like she doesn’t understand him at all.

He appreciates the thought, though. He just doesn’t typically trust her snacks.


He likes the snacks the Liu starts bringing, because he usually has Chinese snacks that his parents send in care packages, and Murasakibara always enjoys trying new things.


Fukui brings snacks he buys at the dasiho, and OK, Murasakibara is not one to refuse any freely given snack, and he does like being able to buy things in bulk, but he does usually appreciate a higher quality of snack.

But then it occurs to him that Fukui doesn’t typically spend a lot of money while shopping, and after all, it is nice to be thought of.


The captain is a surprising windfall of high caloric and rich snacks.

“Because we’re men and we need to eat a lot to keep up our strength,” Okamura says, slapping him on the back. Murasakibara looks at him balefully but does enjoy the heavy eating, every now and then. Especially because the captain usually eats with him, and sometimes it’s kind of nice to have the company.


Of course, his favorite snacks, by far, are the ones that Himuro brings with them.

He tells himself that really, it’s because Himuro always seems to know exactly what flavors Murasakibara enjoys. And he always seems to have the right quantity, too. No one else seems to have them en masse like Himuro does, which is just the way Murasakibara likes it.

In fact, he’s fairly certain that if he ever forgot his snack bag entirely (not that he ever would, because he needs them, but more to the point, because he loves them), he would still probably be OK, as long as Himuro was there.

“You could have just told everyone you were hypoglycemic from the start,” Himuro says casually.

“Ehh,” Murasakibara says. “But I just like snacks.” He means: he didn’t want anyone to think he had an excuse. He didn’t anyone misunderstanding him that way. He is fairly certain that no matter who he is, he would still want his snacks around all the time.

“Well, yes,” Himuro allows, and Murasakibara thinks he probably does understand the explanation he didn’t give. “But isn’t it nicer now that everyone else has them too?”

“Yeah,” Murasakibara says. That is nice. It’s not the kind of thing that would have ever happened at Teiko, and all things considered, it’s much nicer this way.

A/N: Thank you for sharing your headcanon, anon-friend! I am sorry it took so long! This was one of those things where I assumed it was a prompt but didn’t know how to write something for it, but then it occurred it wasn’t a prompt and you were just sharing with me, but by then so much time had passed I felt like I owed you a prompt. So I did! Thanks!! =D

  • Murasakibara: You know what your "great" friend did?
  • Himuro: What?
  • Murasakibara: Your friend, out of nowhere, took some of my fries!.. ヾ(  ̄O ̄)ツ
  • Himuro: That's it? What's the big deal?
Not So Fake

A birthday gift for @amakatarei! <3 

Himuro was sick and tired of this.

It happened with every girl that came up to him, every doe-eyed, blushing, stuttering girl who thought that they could do what no girl could and win him over. He’d step back, politely take whatever chocolate or gift they held, and try to be as gentle as possible when telling them he wasn’t interested, especially on Valentine’s day. He knew he wouldn’t even touch the bags filled with chocolate.

In this sort of environment, he couldn’t just tell them that he wasn’t straight or he might meet resistance, and if he’d learned something here, it was to get along with as many people as possible. It was things like this that made him miss America.

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Seventh Heaven (Murasakibara/Himuro Translation)

Title: Seventh Heaven

Comicoriginal here



Pairing: Murasakibara Atsushi/Himuro Tatsuya

Notes: Possessive Atsushi is out to destoy every fangirl’s dreams of ever touching Muro-Chin’s lovely face. There is also a part two to this but it’s sort of unrelated so I cut it in two, “the second part” should be  up later. ~Lola

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