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Hi I know you're super busy right now (I cried so hard at the end of In These Filthy Halls and I'm so ridiculously pumped for the MasaYou fic you have no idea) but I was wondering if there was anymore of the Muramuro fairy tale au fic in the works? Murasakaibara and children together is the best combination.

Himuro makes sure to put on a show when he cooks dinner—with very theatrical sauce pouring and stirring and detailed presentation of food. Both Murasakibara and Kyabetsu watch, wide-eyed and solemn, the entire time and they have matched ravenous appetites when they devour dinner. Clearly, table manners are not important in the demon’s household.

“Did you like it?” Himuro asks with a smile, after every crumb of food has disappeared.

“It was amazing!” Kyabetsu says enthusiastically, around the same time Murasakibara scowls and says, “It was fine.”

Kyabetsu takes her cue from her father and turns back to regard Himuro with more detached manner. “It was fine,” she says coolly. “And you will make it again tomorrow.”

“I would love to make it again tomorrow,” Himuro says, and his eyes rest on Murasakibara. “That is, if I am staying for another day.”

Kyabetsu whips her head towards her father, suddenly very alarmed at the thought that Himuro might not be staying, and while she doesn’t plead on Himuro’s behalf, her eyes are full of dismay and woe.

“Murochin can stay and cook,” Murasakibara grumbles, like he is bestowing a very great favor upon Himuro.

“Thank you, Atsushi, I’d be delighted,” Himuro says.


That is how they spend their nights. Himuro cooks, and Murasakibara allows him to stay for another day, and then another. Himuro makes a point to always confirm that his presence is wanted, largely because he likes hearing that Murasakibara does, in fact, want his presence.

Himuro senses, also, that it is fairly significant that Murasakibara allows him to stay. If Himuro had to guess, he would hazard that Murasakibara does not trust a lot of people, and he would not let someone stay near his daughter if he didn’t have a lot of faith in them.

It seems like a very momentous thing indeed when Murasakibara heads out of the tower and willingly leaves Himuro alone with Kyabetsu.

“Don’t you ever go with him?” Himuro inquires.

Kyabetsu sighs and looks down at her shoes. “I could. He said I could come if I wanted to. I’m not a prisoner, you know.”

“The thought never occurred to me,” Himuro says, although he is lying.

Kyabetsu scowls at him, like she knows he’s lying. “I’m not. I just don’t want to leave. I have everything I want, right here in my tower.”

Himuro tries to imagine this, and he can’t. When he was a child, all he ever wanted to do was escape.

It’s pretty much all he does now.

“Why don’t you want to leave the tower, Kyabetsu?”

She just tilts her head. “Why don’t you?

Himuro has to admit, he really doesn’t know.


When Kyabetsu sleeps, he spends his nights talking to Murasakibara. He tells himself it’s because he’s trying to discover the Beast’s secret to his intricate spellcraft, but after awhile he knows that can’t be true. (Murasakibara is not hiding anything from him: “I think of a spell, and I do it. It’s not hard, Murochin.” He just happens to be one of those rare geniuses that doesn’t need years of study or intense training for magic; it comes to him as easy as breathing).

After a few weeks in the tower he realizes it’s the longest he’s ever spent in one place, after he first set out away from his home town. He lives in a tower with a tall, attractive man, and a small child, and when that finally dawns on him he’s a little appalled by how domestic it all is.

“Atsushi, does it bother you that I am here?” he asks one night, perhaps because he wants Murasakibara to say yes, he is a bother. He wants the excuse to leave.

“Murochin isn’t a bother,” Murasakibara says. And Himuro is glad to hear that but also frustrated; there isn’t anything for him here, there’s no reason why he should stay.

Then Murasakibara reaches out and touches his hand, and Himuro meets his gaze, surprised. Murasakibara has never willingly touched him before.

“Murochin isn’t a bother,” Murasakibara says again, only his eyes are heavy with focus, and Himuro has never been looked at so intently before.

“Oh,” Himuro says. And then the only thing really for him to do is to lean in, closer to touch.

A/N: Aahhh, thank you friend, anon-friends! I am so sorry for how long this update has taken me. With each new request I truly meant to provide an update and then felt increasingly guilty when it didn’t happen. I still want to finish this story! I’m very glad there are still people who want to read the rest of this story!! There’s like, two more parts after this? Three at the most? I will try to be more prompt. Thanks again!! Parts OneTwo Three Four

  • Murasakibara: You know what your "great" friend did?
  • Himuro: What?
  • Murasakibara: Your friend, out of nowhere, took some of my fries!.. ヾ(  ̄O ̄)ツ
  • Himuro: That's it? What's the big deal?
All Yours


murahimu where we get some possessive!Murasakibara (who can blame him when Himuro is so pretty.)

(YESSS I’ve been waiting for a murahimu ^_^ And indeed, Himuro is gorgeous <3)

All Yours

Murasakibara muched on some chips while he thought about how earlier during the day he watched Himuro speak to a bunch of girls. The more he watched, the more annoyed he got. Himuro was always getting hit on by girls as well as guys and the more often it happened, the worse Murasakibara’s mood would get.

Tonight just happened to be one of those nights when Himuro was stopped so many times that he was late to meet with Murasakibara thus leading to the current situation.

Murasakibara was pouting in the corner of their dorm room waiting for Himuro to finally come back so they could watch a movie together. The raven-haired boy was already an hour late and Murasakibara got tired of waiting and decided to walk around outside for a while. When he walked outside however, he was surprised to find Himuro pressed up against a wall trying to kindly ask a rather aggressive guy to let him pass.

All of a sudden, Murasakibara flew into a rage. He walked toward the guy and looked down at him.

“If you don’t let go of Muro-chin right now, I’ll crush you.”

Himuro stared up at Atsushi with wide eyes, he had never seen him so angry before and it was a little scary. The guy who was now at the center of the center’s attention quickly ran away. Himuro watched the guy run dazedly before he realized that Atsushi was speaking to him.

“Muro-chin, what were you doing? You’re late.”

Himuro tilted his head to the side and gave Murasakibara his usual gentle smile.

“Ah.. sorry Atsushi, I tried to get to the room but that guy wouldn’t let me go. Whoa!”

Murasakibara looked around for a bit before throwing Himuro over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and walking inside their dorm.


The purple giant sat down on the bed and pulled Himuro into his lap, wrapping his arms possessively around his lithe body.

“Stupid Muro-chin… stop being so pretty.. You belong to me only.”

Himuro’s eyes widened in surprise at Atsushi’s words before he let out a small chuckle and kissed the giant on the cheek.

“Atsushi… you’re so spoiled.”

Murasakibara nuzzled his face against Himuro’s neck and kissed along his jawline.


Himuro let out a content sigh and reached a hand up to cup Murasakibara’s cheek and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips.

“All yours.”

The End


Kimiko: THE FLUFF ^_^ Huehuehue teddy bear boyfriend <3 I loved this prompt, thank you anon!

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