Adsdsddf no me resistí y lo hice. Tenía que hacer esto, ya saben que siempre llegan mis momentos de estupidez.
Es que estaban listo para el beso, solo tenían que acercarse más y ya sentirían la respiración del otro.
Adsdsddf not resist me and I did. He had to do this, you know that always come my moments of stupidity.
Is that they were ready for the kiss, just had to get closer and longer feel the breath of the other.
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☾ MiyaHaya

Hayama is very cuddly, he uses Miyaji as a plushie, hugging him tightly. That’s why in summer Miyaji always wakes up covered in sweat - ‘cause IT’S FRIGGIN’ HOT YOU DUMBASS GET OFF OF ME!!! But he never really struggles at night. Oh, and Miyaji actually loves watching Hayama sleep. ‘Cause he’s a tsundere. Miyaji I mean *laugh*

P.S. So much for being anon when you’re perfectly recognized by the pairing you ask, dear *rofl*


Characters; Hayama Kotarou/Miyaji Kiyoshi, Nakatani Masaaki, Miyaji Yuuya, Mibuchi Reo
Additional Tags; HayaMiya Week, Alternate Universe - Childhood Friends, High School, Not Actually Unrequited Love, Teenage Drama, Moving Out, Sibling Love, Jealousy, Light Angst, Ambiguous/Open Ending

Word Count; +1500
Summary; If Miyaji had to talk about his feelings towards his childhood friend, then they’d probably be thrown together and all over the place.

#hmhweek day 1: firsts/throughout time
Fans Ship You With Miyaji! Your Reaction?

Kimura: Yes Please!

Mayaji: Kimura, What the hell are you doing!?

Kimura: Oh, don’t act so surprised Miyaji, we both know were meant to be.

Kimura: Were on the same team, we both have resentment for Midorima, and we truly love pineapples.


Hayama: Hey, hate to rain on your parade but, me and Miyaji are shipped way more than you.

Hayama: We had an intense one-on-one and your only great Miyaji moment was him telling you to do a dunk, which you couldn’t do.

Hayama: So you can understand us being shipped.

Hayama: Lets face it, when we were up in each others faces we both really wanted to make out.

Miyaji: Um, maybe you but not me!

Hayama: Oh admit it, you love it when I eat your pineapple.

Miyaji: Arggh!

Kasuga: Obviously both of our hair is amazing and he being a rough type and me a soft type.

Kasuga: I think we’d get along lovely.

Miyaji: I think I deserve a boyfriend with a little more screen time.

Midorima: Well it’s pretty apparent that he is in love with me.

Miyaji: No!

Midorima: He throws pineapples at me, tries to break my lucky items.

Miyaji: ‘Cause I hate you!

Midorima: Fine line between love and hate.

Miyaji: Kimura…

Miyaji: …Get your truck.

Kimura: See, we are meant to be.

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Thanks for the great recommendations! Could I ask for some Moriyama/Izuki fics? Or hayama/miyaji?

Thank you for the love! <3


Losing what’s important is not the end by ichihara_mina on AO3

Summary: The prize of their abilities was greater than they ever expected.

Notes: MidoTaka in the first part.

Drabble Collection 07 by triste on AO3

Summary: It’s bad enough being expected to lead a team of fools to victory. It’s even worse when two of them are made more annoying than usual by the disease known as love sickness.

Notes: Only the first drabble is MoriIzu

Eagle by phandomoftheowl on AO3

Summary: Moriyama doesn’t really know how to woo, but Izuki is endeared anyway.


elastic by luvotomy on AO3

Summary: It’s just a fleeting thought when he’s first confronted with that crazy dribbling the brat pulls off, and somewhere deep in the back of his mind, he wonders how they would feel around his cock, and then something else says with a soft, dark and seductive voice, ‘do you want them inside you?’

Notes: Fingering, smut.

today’s special by pitouon AO3

Summary: Hayama really wants his favorite customer to try the great pastries he bakes.

forward momentum by on AO3

Summary: Hayama wants to spend his Saturday in Tokyo with Miyaji.

Happy reading!

- Mod M

MiyaHaya week Last Day: Petty Thoughts

Gosh I’m so late it’s horrible. This was supposed to be for the second day of the HayaMiya week but now I’m just gonna make it as if it’s for the last day. Hopefully it’s still okay! (and hopefully I can get the other one done by tonight…)

Title: Petty Thoughts

Rated: G

Summary: Hayama had a nightmare and Miyaji had a pleasant surprise for him instead.


        “Miyaji-san! Miyaji-san!”

         The orange-haired male skipped towards his blond lover. Miyaji halted his steps but did not turn around to return the greeting. Even as he felt the presence of the orange-haired male drawing closer, he did not respond the slightest.

        And although Hayama can be quite the airhead sometimes, even he sensed there was something off with the way Miyaji was acting right now. The blond always scolded him for calling his name so energetically but this time, Miyaji was tensed.

        “Miyaji-san?” Hayama placed his hand on Miyaji’s shoulder. Miyaji finally turned around with a hard look directing down towards Hayama. A fearful feeling started to swarm in Hayama’s belly, his smile started to waver and that did not happen too often. Miyaji didn’t always look at him pleasantly but at least his sour look was considered endearing to Hayama.

        But this was different.

        This was the look of real anger for when they actually fought at some point. This was the look that Hayama knew Miyaji was angry for real, that he had crossed the line but Hayama didn’t know what could have caused it now. He didn’t remember he had done anything wrong. And it scared him.

        “I’m sorry Hayama.”

        His Miyaji-san doesn’t apologise for nothing. Hell, he didn’t apologise easily because it was always Hayama with the fault.

        Hayama gulped nervously when Miyaji looked away to the ground, his eyebrows scrunching even further if that was possible.

        “I couldn’t do this anymore.”

        Do what?

        “I’m sorry but I found someone else.”

        Suddenly, there was a person holding Miyaji’s hand. When the hell did that stranger get there? Hayama’s eyes widened in shock.

        “Wa-Wait Miyaji-san! W-Why the sudden…?!”

        He gripped Miyaji’s shoulders with both hands, holding on to dear life.

        Miyaji is his life.

“Sorry, Hayama.”

        The blond walked away, turning his back towards his lover – now an ex. Hayama had tightened his grip but how could Miyaji still slip away so easily like that? This must be a joke. True, he had always irritated Miyaji but the blond always had a bad temper yet both of them still worked it out. They had their moments.

        But they always, always worked it out.

        “Wa-Wait Miyaji-san!”




        Hayama shot up, a brief desperate shout echoing into the silent darkness. Short, frantic breaths escaped him as cold sweats drenched his body and his heart still hadn’t calmed down from the unexpected turn of events that was now vividly playing in his head.


        A dream? Was it all just a dream?

        He took in the sight of his shared room after his eyes had adjusted to the darkness, the dim moonlight seeping through the fabric of the curtains being the only illumination. His hands gripped the duvet resting over the lower half of his body, feeling reality seeping into his panicked mind.

        All those….it never happened? Right?

        “Oi, brat. Why are you up?”

        A husky, drowsy voice snapped him out of his trance, sending another kick towards his racing heartbeat. A hand laid atop his head, ruffling his hair and though the grip may have been a bit rough but it managed to calm Hayama down.


        He raised his head slightly to look at Miyaji who had a mild scowl on his face from having his sleep interrupted but lacking its usual tenacity. After rubbing his eyes from the sleep, he looked at Hayama, waiting.

         “What’s up with you screaming in the middle of the night? I don’t want to have to babysit you at this time.”


        Miyaji let out a startled ‘Oof!’ when Hayama suddenly tackled him flat to the bed. Hayama snuggled his Miyaji’s neck and tightened his hug around the blond’s torso despite the blond’s obvious protest.

        “Miyaji-san! I have a nightmare!”

        “What? Me throwing a pineapple to your head?! ‘Cause that’s seriously what I want to do now!”

        “No, you wanted to leave me!”

        Silence ensued.

        Miyaji raised an eyebrow in confusion.


        Hayama lifted his head to meet his lover’s eyes, his own filled with fear and slight tears at the corners of his eyes.

        “There was this strange person! He held your hand and you guys walked away together! Oh! And you said goodbye to me! And you even said you found someone else! You left me behind then I woke up! It felt so real Miyaji-san. Will you really leave me? Did you find someone else? Please don’t! You’ll kill me!”

        And the rambles went on and on, sending Miyaji’s confused mind in a swirl. When Hayama was still rambling on about his fears, Miyaji finally covered Hayama’s mouth with his hand, shutting him up effectively.

        “Slow down there kid. You’re confusing me.”

        He slowly removed his hand and at first, Hayama bit his lips. Then he choked out another statement.

        “The point is you’re leaving me for someone else!”

        Before shutting up completely. His eyes stared desperately at Miyaji, demanding answers and honestly Miyaji thought it was stupid (and maybe cute but this was not the time for that) for Hayama to be worrying about a mere dream. He raised his eyebrows sceptically before sighing in slight exasperation although he wasn’t exactly feeling exasperated but his brashness had made it seemed that way. Besides, he was exhausted.

        “Idiot, why are worrying about such petty things?”

        Hayama gasped in surprise at the nonchalant response.

        “It’s not petty! This could affect my life, Miyaji-san! Wahh, Miyaji-san you know how much I love you, you can’t do this to me!”

        While Hayama was wailing his love for his Miyaji-san, the blond simply reached for the drawer of his bedside table with his free hand that wasn’t rested on Hayama’s body and took out a beautiful small, red box.

        “Hayama, hand.”

        Hayama was still wailing. “Miyaji-san, I’m not in the mood to play dog right now!”

        “Just give me your freaking hand dammit.”

        After sniffing and calming himself down, Hayama laid his hand atop Miyaji’s palm. Before he knew it, something cold slipped onto the base of his finger.

        His ring finger specifically.

        Hayama blinked rapidly, clearing his eyes from the tears that had blurred his vision. He looked down at his hand that Miyaji was still holding delicately, staring at the small gem glistening. He looked closer and realised that the gem had a cute shape of a pineapple.


        It was a golden ring.

        Miyaji lifted his lover’s hand slightly, bringing the beautiful gold ring to his lips and gave it a brief loving peck. When he met with Hayama’s wide eyes, he had a slight frown on his face and maybe a tinge of red on his cheek but in the darkness, it wasn’t visible.

        “Now stop thinking about such stupid things. I’m not that shallow, I don’t do shits like that. You know I’m way better than a freaking cheater.”

        Hayama was still gaping.

        “Now that’s that, shut up and go to sleep.” He pulled Hayama by the back of his head a little bit too roughly and placed a chaste kiss on the exposed forehead before proceeding to snuggle back under the covers. The kiss seemed to break the spell and Hayama shouted.


        Miyaji covered his ears, grunting in displeasure at the loud voice.

        “Mi-Miyaji-san! You can’t just give me a ring and go to sleep without telling me anything! Miyaji-san, wake up!!”

        Miyaji groaned and looked over his shoulder, glaring at Hayama both because of frustration and perhaps embarrassment.

        “You might want to stop calling me ‘Miyaji-san’ if you’re going to accept the ring.”

        Hayama blinked in surprise and confusion.


        He went back to snuggling under the covers, not even stopping to look at the red spreading all over Hayama’s face and ears.


        The orange-haired tackled his lover over the duvet again and snuggled furiously, rubbing his face against the duvet that Miyaji had to scold him for the obvious ridiculousness.

        “Just get under the covers you damn brat! And stop being so loud or we’ll get complaints from the neighbours!”

        Hayama quickly threw the covers up and snuck himself under it and continued snuggling against Miyaji’s back to the point of smothering that Miyaji had had enough and turned around to wrap his arms around his Kotarou to calm the hyperactive brat down.

        His Kotarou… He likes the sound of that.

        “I love you Kiyo-chan.”

        Hayama’s cheery laughs were muffled by the fabric of Miyaji’s pyjama as he tightened his hold around his ‘husband’. Miyaji’s right eyebrow twitched as he huffed at the ridiculous nickname. Kimura and his other friends would probably make fun of him for approving the use of the absurd nickname.

        But he might like the sound of him being Kotarou’s ‘Kiyo-chan’ a bit too much.

        It was ridiculous but Hayama is ridiculous so who was he to argue about that.

        “Hey you haven’t told me your answer yet,” Miyaji said to avoid being too embarrassed and awkward although knowing the answer already. Hayama laughed.

        “You never asked but of course it’s a yes!”

        Miyaji smiled into Kotarou’s hair.