“Good Wil” MICF 2015

My friend and I have a tradition of seeing Wil Anderson at the comedy festival every year, we have since we were 17, we’re 22 and 21 (22 in a few months ) now. Each year our group grows by people, we’re a bunch of arts grads and film grads scraping the barrel at writing jobs, and filming jobs, and our regular jobs. And seeing Wil Anderson every year is pretty great, because he’s exactly the type of creative I aspire to be.

He’s hilarious (you’re going to say obviously because he’s a comedian but you know, Carrot Top had a career so…). But yes, he’s funny. He also manages to blend real messages, use his stage to say something important, and engage and make the audience feel welcomed and special. You leave with a fire of inspiration, a smile on your face, and the idea that you’re important and weird and interesting like everyone else and that’s fucking great!

Like I said he says important shit, but in a very repeatable way. He doesn’t lecture he entertains and gets an important message across. He often talks about gay rights, feminism, misogyny, racism and does it in a way that gets you rightfully angry but also laughing (at the bigots). 

To quote him (vaguely, it’s late-ish and I just saw the show and I’m not a quote book) he said. “I’m a feminist, I believe in equal rights, if you believe in equal rights, gay rights, against racism, rights for everyone you’re a feminist. But you know I’m a white guy so I don’t get it…I’m going to help you but obviously not going to tell you what to do ‘cause you know I think that’s kind of the point.”

There are other hilarious stories. To how guys need to lose the sexism because it’s killing them in hurricanes, his one strong bicep, nearly getting stabbed, random audience members, nuanced solutions having no place in world politics, cab stories, audience stories, being Liam Neeson-esque and naked in a hotel, doctor who encounters, quantum physics, and his shit dodgy hips…and it’s always always always my favourtie thing of the year.

His show means I see some lovely friends and get reminded that content like this is exactly the reason I do what I do.


Lano & Woodley - MICF Gala 1994

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Lisa Mitchell and her band perform this brilliant and beautiful Like A Version cover of M83’s ‘Midnight City’ - live at the Melbourne Town Hall for triple j’s Good Az Friday!

Meg Watson played Guess Who with David O’Doherty at MICF. He talks about Tina Fey’s homosexual encounters in university, how annoying mint-flavoured Kit Kats are, and then yells “loser” at her face.

I think an important part of being a single adult (especially one that lives alone), is being able to go out on your own and enjoy your own company. Tonight, I bought a last minute ticket to catch Justin Hamilton’s comedy fest show and it was fantastic. He’s one of my favourite Australian comics, and I always struggle to find somebody to go to his shows because he’s relatively unknown (which is a crying shame). Afterwards, I headed to the corner hotel to catch Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. And they were just as awesome as always. One part of these solo dates that I am working on, is not checking my phone too much. I made a conscious effort tonight and did quite well. I only pulled it out once to instagram and a few times when I got a text message. I’m getting better at this.