Are You Happy?

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“Yoosung?” Saeran is stroking Yoosung’s bare back lazily.

“Hnn?” Yoosung sleepily answers.

Saeran smiles, his arms circle around Yoosung’s back and embraces him.

Yoosung snuggles into Saeran’s chest and makes soft contented noises.

“We really need to go take a shower.” He insists.

“Uhnn!” Yoosung murmurs into his chest.

“Come on sleepy head, otherwise we’ll be stuck to each other forever once this hardens!

“S’ok.” Yoosung mumbles.

“We’d look weird walking into your classes stuck together and naked.” Saeran laughs.

“Ugh! Fine, oh, yuck, ewe!” Yoosung tries to detach himself from Saeran, the semen covering the front of his body is so crusty it makes dry flaky sounds as he pulls away.

“Ick!” Saeran makes a face. “Definitely not sexy!” and laughs louder.

Yoosung giggles.

“Come on.” Saeran scoots off the bed, taking Yoosung’s hand and leading him to the bathroom. He turns the water on and waits for it to get warm before stepping into it. Yoosung follows him in and closes the shower door behind him.

The water feels good and Saeran lets it wash over him, closing his eyes. Yoosung steps into him and hugs him close, the water falling on and around them. Saeran rests his chin on Yoosung’s head and embraces him again.

Yoosung looks up into mint colored eyes and Saeran runs his thumb across Yoosung’s lower lip. Yoosung’s eyes close and he sighs contentedly.

Saeran leans down and gently kisses him loving the feel of his velvety lips, slick with dripping water. Reaching for a washcloth he suds it up using the bar of soap in the shower. He turns Yoosung around and washes his back from his neck to his waist, slowly and softly, kissing his shoulders after rinsing him off. He reaches around and does the same to his chest, nibbling on Yoosung’s ear and neck the entire time, eliciting giggles from him. With Yoosung’s back against his chest he continues to wash his body below the waist making Yoosung gasp quietly and reach up to Saeran’s neck to pull him down for a kiss. Smiling Saeran pulls away so he can finish washing the rest of Yoosung’s body. Lingering on Yoosung’s creamy white ass, Saeran takes his time to appreciate it like a work of art. He kisses each cheek softly and takes a playful bite which startles Yoosung and makes him jump.

“Saeran!” Saeran only laughs as he gets back to his feet.

“I’m sorry, did that hurt?” he doesn’t seem very regretful.

“Just give me that!” Yoosung grabs the washcloth and suds it with soap again.

He starts at Saeran’s neck and washes him clean all the way down the front to his feet. He has Saeran turn around and does the same to his backside. He is very methodical, making sure to get every inch of Saeran’s body. After he rinses off, Yoosung slides his hands down Saeran’s chest enjoying the slick feel of his wet skin.

Saeran pours shampoo on Yoosung’s hands and then his own. They each shampoo their hair quickly and take turns rinsing off. Saeran pulls Yoosung in close again and tilts his chin up so he can kiss him. Their lips meet and Saeran slips his tongue into Yoosung’s eager mouth.

“I love kissing you.” He whispers to Yoosung.

“You should do it more often then.” Yoosung teases.

Saeran laughs and buries his head in Yoosung’s hair. They hold onto each other until the water starts to get cold and they have to turn it off.

Wrapped in towels they head back to Saeran’s bedroom. Saeran pulls on his underwear and goes to find some clean sheets while Yoosung strips the bed. They quickly make the bed and jump in it snuggling together for warmth. Yoosung is giggling as Saeran puts his freezing feet on him, arms wrapped around each other warmth is not far behind.

“I wish we could stay like this forever.” Yoosung whispers.

“Me too.” Saeran agrees. “Are you happy Yoosung?” he asks.

“So happy!” Yoosung kisses Saeran’s chest and closes his eyes. Tired, they fall asleep quickly, both smiling, both happy.

Saeyoung opens the door to let Saeran know they are home early. It’s 9am and Saeran should be awake.

“He….” He starts before noticing Saeran is not alone in his bed. There is a blonde head atop his chest, both are breathing heavily, deeply asleep. His first instinct is to jump on the bed and embarrass the hell out of his brother and Yoosung. He starts to giggle, which is when MC steps in.

“Oh my god.” She whispers when she sees the two on the bed. Her eyes widen as she realizes what her husband is probably about to do. She grabs Saeyoung and drags him out of the room.

“HEY!” he gasps.

“SHH!” she pokes a finger at his chest. “Leave them alone!”

“Awe…come on MC…” he pleads.

“No!” she turns and closes the door to Saeran’s room, dragging a pouting Saeyoung towards their bedroom. “If you really must do something embarrassing you can do it when they are up, dressed, and Saeran can kick your ass.”

“Pfft.” Saeyoung exclaims.

MC stops to turn and look at him, crossing her arms.

“I love you Saeyoung. But if I had to put money down on which Choi brother would win in a fight, it wouldn’t be you, Honey Buddha Chip Choi! Have you seen the muscles Saeran is packing these days?”

“Why are you looking at his muscles?” he is pouting again. “I’ve got muscles too you know.”

She steps into him running her hands through his hair, “I know babe, but they’re all up here.” She taps her finger against his head. “Big brains are soooo sexy.”

“I know you’re just trying to distract me, but I’m going to let you have your way with me anyway. I’ll let the lovebirds sleep in, just to make you happy.”

“Uh huh.” MC laughs, which turns into an exclamation of surprise as Saeyoung picks her up over his shoulder and practically runs to the bedroom. Saeran and Yoosung aren’t the only lovebirds in the house.

So, I’m doing Rayvis’ profile now, and then I’ll update it when we know more about him and get his route. So, here’s Rayvis Harneit and what we know so far!

Here’s the structure and what’s under the cut:

  1. Basic info (Birthdate, star sign, estimated age, height, residence)
  2. Appearance (Hair and eye colour, body set, earrings & clothes)
  3. Characteristics (Traits and skills)
  4. Story/past (Not including his route)

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Doge Dreams
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He finally has a name now! I think someone suggested it to me or something – idk I can’t remember but yes I know SHINee ((i listen to them)) plus I think Taemin fits the kid well lol

And here’s Leo Crawford’s character profile! *cue swooning*

Here’s the structure and what’s under the cut:

  1. Basic info (Birthdate, star sign, estimated age, height, residence)
  2. Appearance (Hair and eye colour, body set, earrings & clothes)
  3. Characteristics (Traits and skills)
  4. Story/past (Not including his route)

Spoilers for Leo and Alyn’s pasts ahead!

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