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do you accept character x character? i hope you do, but if no you may disregard this :) i want to ask for the gom reaction when they walk in on kagami and momoi kissing. and they the boys 'confront' kagami when momoi is gone. i just love to read about gom being protective of their manager, i hope this is okay!


NO JOKE he’s like but why???? What would possess you to be with her??? He is just so confused how this match even happened. Not only does Kagami not know a thing about a woman’s heart according to him but momoi?? Eventually he’ll shrug and give his blessing. “Good luck, Kagami-kun… ”


He’ll slap Kagami on the back and get treated like a hero! Like dude, momoi?? How did someone like YOU score HER?? He didn’t know Kagami had it in him! He’ll ask what kind of kisser she is and if they’ve done anything else..?? He has a new respect for the red head. “Nice one buddy! Might want to watch out for Aomine though…”


Ohh booyy… This kid is borderline pissed. He just like really??? What are you thinking?? What do you want with her?? He’ll put her down left and right, bringing up how emotional she is and how her food can kill and ask if he really thinks he can handle her. In the end, it’s Kagami who dosnt deserve her and gets his life threatened if he fails to make her happy protective bother status i cant even “If anything happens to her, I’ll come after you!”


He casually asked how they happened. He’ll say what a good person she is and talk up all her good points like the way she has an eye for strategy and how pacent she is. She’s pretty too, don’t you agree?? A nice girl, right?? With an ire smile, he’ll tell him that what ever his intentions with her, if Kagami hurts her in any way he won’t be forgiven. “But you’re a nice guy. I trust I won’t have to intervene, right?”


The conversations starts off awkward as he mentions that he has never quite understood Momoi like the others before he shoots the redhead a death glare. He says despite her shortcomings, which are many, she has a lot of good points. Long story short, Kagami dosnt deserve her and would do well to appreciate the fact that she is even giving someone like him a chance. “It’s luck, that’s all. You got lucky.”


Right off the bat he calls Kagami gross. He pouts and glares at him like a jealous child. He asks himself out loud why Momoi would even what to touch someone like Kagami note that Kagami is FREAKED OUT and just cant right now with these people I am willing to bet Mura can’t stand to be in the same room as him and leaves the conversation quickly sister complex??? *pouts* “…”

Kagami and Momoi Are Dating. What’s Your Reaction

Aomine: Okay, first. WHAT?!

Aomine: Second. THE FUCK!

Kiyoshi: Way to go Kagami.

Hyuga: Why does Kagami get all the big boobed women.

Akashi: It’s the red hair. Red hair is the ultimate chick magnet.

Kise: Oh come now, this is crazy.

Kise: What’s next Aomine and Riko dating?

Kasamatsu: That seems like very weak foreshadowing.

Madorima: Hmm, this seems very impossible.

Kagami: Oh, how so.

Midorima: Well if I remember correctly, Momoi seemed in love with Kuroko.

Mdorima: So why go for the uncouth, loud, and dim-witted American Kagami Taiga.

Takao: Well love works I mysterious ways.

Takao: Also, Momoi went to Touou for Aomine rather than follow Kuroko. So that means she has quite a lot of room in her heart for people.

Takao: So I totally think those two being together is at least possible.

Midorima: Takao, don’t you dare correct me.

Riko: Oh, I think I know how Momoi got hooked on Kagami.

Riko: She saw his body. And everyone knows Kagami has one of the most magnificent bodies in the series.

Hyuga: *Eye twitching* Really?

Riko: Hey, you would agree if you saw his almost nude body.

Momoi: When did you see my boyfriend almost nude?

Riko: Oh it was this one time, it doesn’t mean anything… Umm.. Umm…

Riko: Lets go back to Aomine losing his shit, shall we.


Wakamatsu: Oh lets see, he’s a nice guy, has a good personality, better athlete, unlocked the true zone, has a better hair color, knows how to cook, Doesn’t fawn over Satsuki’s body, like her for who she is, oh and DOESN’T KICK HIS TEAMMATES IN THE STOMACH!


Aomine: Also, your not over the whole stomach thing.

Wakamatsu: Not even a little.

Kagami: Um, hey, Kuroko listen-

Kuroko: It’s okay Kagami-kun. I totally approve.

Kuroko: I can think of no else more suited to be with Momoi than you.

Kagami: Wow, thanks!

Kuroko: However, I need you to take this seriously. Because when the time comes, you know what needs to be done.

Kagami: Well it is early but, I could see myself proposing after highschool-

Kuroko: No not that! I mean you know that what must be done is teach her to cook.

Kuroko: Seriously, you could save so many Touou players lives.


Kagami: You know what, I’m going to spend time with my girlfriend.

Kuroko: Remember, cooking lessons.

Clumsy - a KagaMomo Fanfiction

Clumsy - a KagaMomo fanfiction

Anime: Kuroko No Basket
Pairing: Kagami X Momoi
Rating: K

Kagami is on his way home from practice, when he gets involved in something, which makes him end up in a certain pink haired girl’s kitchen, trying to save them both from the impending doom which is Momoi’s cooking.



Kagami sighed happily as he stepped out of his favorite fast food restaurant. He stretched his arms over his head and he strolled down the dark sidewalk, his feet trying to avoid the accumulating puddles that formed as it had just started to rain. Despite the bad weather he had a smile on his face. Training had been good, since his efforts in training his left hand had finally started to show and he had finally managed to do a trick he had worked on for quite a while. He was already looking forward to their next game, even though it was just a simple practice match.

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The first warning is her smile, the invitation that comes after she lets her hair fall onto her side and shoulder like a cascade of pink shades, which are not strange and unwelcomed by the man who’s holding her from behind. And with such invitation, he allows himself to draw lines with soft kisses and touches, he doesn’t go as deep as he is now able to until a chuckle escapes between curved lips.

“We are now married you know?” like a reminder that she now belongs to him, and only him. If the happiness could be expressed that easily into words, he would have screamed her feelings long time ago and yet, there he was, nodding as to let her know that he will follow her words and do, what he didn’t dare to do before the bridal vows. 

Kagami’s eyes close, for a brief moment, and his consciousness falls in a deep ocean, the waves embrace him with tenderness and the tase left on his tongue is sweet and when his eyes open again, he is kissing the woman he loves so much. Their lips fit very well, no need to force anything or draw back, he tilts his head and tongues dance in slowly pace. The hands, entertaining themselves on her waist and her nails dig into Kagami’s shoulders and he lets out a low groan, it outbraves him and fingers slip under the silk of her dress.

A moan. Yes, it is everything and it is enough. 

Because this has only begun.

Five Times Aomine Regretted Being a Girl's Best Friend

Series: Kuroko no Basuke

Pairing: Friendship AoMomo (With AoKuro and KagaMomo)

Warnings: Slightly nsfw.

Most men would argue that the level of urgency felt by a female can be defined by how loud and shrill her voice is- level one being trivial complaining and an expression to ward off any stupidity originating from the male, and the maximum level being something along the lines of a string of incoherent swearing often coupled with loud yelling and sobbing, with a dash of extreme anger at anyone who gets close enough to speak.

Aomine argues differently, seeing how he’s dealt with a single woman of questionable femininity his entire life (his mother notwithstanding); his measuring gauge for how alarming any given situation happens to be is simply defined by how annoying Satsuki’s fucking voice gets. If she talks about a boy, usually Kuroko or himself, Aomine registers her inflection as a slight buzz with funny jumps and cracks in her voice; annoyance level minimal. If she’s talking about her friends or ‘Dai-chan’ being stupid, it becomes slightly more aggressive to his sensitive ears, and he can’t help but pull this face, which usually leads to her pitch worsening.

But then, there are times when he wants to tape her mouth shut, throw her out the fucking window and let a train run over her, and the only thing stopping him is the nearest train station being a thirty minute walk away. This only happens when something truly distressing is turning Momoi’s life over, and it has only occurred five counted times in his life, so Aomine figures he might as well suck it up and help her when she actually needs it. (God knows she’s helped him far more than he’s willing to admit.)

Funnily enough, it all pertains to growing up and her sexuality. (And Kagami Fucking Taiga.)

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I'm soooo feeling awful today because of shucks happening in school. KnB is one of my favorite animes and you're ne of my favorite blogs. Thank you for running this; I don't know who to turn to. ; w ; Do you have any humor fics of any pairings that I could just forget about my awfulness for a while?

I’ve recc’ed some here before! Awh bby, I’m so sorry that you have to go through awful things! I wish I could do something more but here! I hope this helps you. ; n;

Anything and everything by onymouse. Their fics are all equally fantastic and hilarious!

5 times Kuroko wished he never opened his damn mouth by highboys on AO3

Summary: “ANYWAY,” said Midorima, pushing Kuroko back with his foot, “Kise should be knowledgeable enough of human biology to realize that everything is a horrible lie.” He paused. “At least, I think he is.”

Notes: KiKuro.

All Worthwhile by triste on AO3

Summary: In which Kagami is on a mission to buy feminine hygiene products.

Notes: KagaMomo. KiKuro. 

Akashi no Homo by mamakashi on AO3

Summary: Things are looking dire for the Generation of Homos, but Akashi has a plan.

Notes: Gen. Akashi-centric.

Demonic Shadow by Amiyuu on FF.N

Summary: While their captain is away, the Generation of Miracles gain some insight into the mind of the most mysterious member and are lead to question just who the real boss is. Feat. Haizaki Shougo.

Notes: Gen. Teiko Arc.

Bad Tactics by mamakashi on FF.N

Summary: Akashi seeks to acquire the object of his affections. Good thing the Generation of Miracles’s got his back. Sort of.

Notes: AkaMido.

I’M SO SORRY by TunaForDesert on FF.N

Summary: Ogiwara-kun who didn’t know the boundary between two boys.

Notes: OgiKuro. Short and sweet!

Some day it’s just a word by wingroad/darkii on tumblr

Summary: How to insult your boyfriend with just one word – a book by Kagami Taiga.

Notes: KagaKuro.

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kagamomo drabble

a/n: there isn’t a lot of kagamomo out there, even though they are absolutely adorable together, so here i am in an attempt to contribute to the ship. the whole thing is quite subtle though.

series/pairing: kurobas/kagamomo
rating: k


“Kagamin, let me pluck your eyebrows.”

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n_n It hurts, but… it’s got a happy ending? Haha.

(This prompt’s from about two weeks ago or so!)

Thanks to Traci for proofreading it for me!


In general, this is a statement that applies to everyone: there are some things—some sights or sounds or smells or feelings—that can trigger a certain select memory so intensely as to send you back in time. It’s almost a kind of witchcraft, the way it works; one moment you’d be doing whatever it is you were doing, standing around, living your life, going about your daily business—the next, wrestling with long-forgotten memories and all these feelings that you’d thought you’d left behind, but it turns out they were just waiting for an opportune moment to surface and tear down all the walls you’d built to hide behind and pretend you were all right.

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