Why Joe Jonas Gives Me Hope??????

I think I need to start this by saying that I don’t really look up to Joe Jonas in ways that tweens look up to boyband members. I don’t really care who he gets in bed with or how many times he get in bed with someone or about the recreational stuff he does when he’s hanging out with his friends. I’m an adult now. I make my own decisions.

However, I like to believe that, after being a fan of someone for so many years, I have taken their really incredible traits and used them in my own and in making my own decisions. There have been so many times when all I wanted to do was give up, just the other day I wanted to give up. I wanted to drop out of school, get drunk just for the purpose of forgetting everything, and sleep away whatever bullshit was eating me up. I think that’s a normal feeling, sometimes. Weirdly enough though, when there’s no reason to keep going, I think about Joe. I think about the shit he’s publicly been through and the way he carries himself, and it helps so much more than anyone will ever understand.

            I have had my heart broken (and not just in the dating department) long enough to kind of lose hope for people. You see all these people do such terrible things and you wonder about humanity and the future. Joe Jonas gives me hope though, oddly enough. Like I said, I don’t really care what he does when he goes out late at night (unless he’s a murderer) but it’s the good things he does that really influences me to be a better person and believe in humans. When I first became a fan of the dude, I never really thought much of it; I’m young and he’s cute and has this pretty sexy voice—but as I grew up, I grew up with him in a way. I watched as he went on multiple mission trips, hosted special Olympic events (one in which I got to experience first hand), and general was so good to everyone.

I’ve always thought the truly incredible people were those who do good things when no one is watching. That’s why I never really listened when a lot of people would use the publicity excuse. “Of course he’s going to go to Africa, he wants people to like him.” But it was never anything like that for him. He didn’t bring out a camera crew or brag about helping others. He simply went to these countries and publicized how incredible and beautiful the people and places were. He didn’t treat it like it was a third world country, but he still helped and managed to change peoples lives.

One thing that I’ve learned about Joe is that he always seems to see the good in everyone and that really helps me try to do the same. As much as I should hate my last ex-boyfriend (and sometimes I really, really do), I still try to see the good in him when I feel sad. I still have hope that even after what he did, he might still have a good heart. There’s an article where Joe reveals a lot of dark shit, and I specifically remember where he mentions he has no resentment towards ANY of his exes. I truly believe that’s the best way for ones heart to be content, and I’m working on this.

Being a fan of Joe for so many years also means watching all the hate he’s gotten for a long time. I absolutely never understood any of it, but the way he’s always handled criticism is one of the reasons that he inspires me so much. I mean, he’s been told that he should die and that his music is terrible, and has responded in such classy ways. He’s been able to ignore all of it and still do whatever the fuck he wants. I admire him so much for that way that he carries himself.

 I truly don’t believe he deserves any of it though, and that’s why it blows my mind every time I see something on the internet. Look, I don’t know what Joe has done in relations to his exes (main reason why everyone is so mean) if he dumped someone over the phone, or used someone, or did something completely shitty—I don’t know and I don’t want to know either because who the fuck cares? I’m sure he cares, and his exes care, but that’s it.

Whenever I need quick inspiration, I read his “My Life as a Jonas Brother” article. In 2013, when the article came out, I didn’t think Joe could inspire me anymore, but he always surprises me. No, I have never had 40,000 fans waiting for me to play a show or anything but there were so many little things, and just that general concept of it that makes me feel not alone. Let’s be honest, we’ve all felt sad and we’ve all had times where we just want to lay in bed, like he mentions in that article. I also really admire his honesty. It’s easy to be famous and lie about how happy you are, but to admit your faults, sadness, and disappointments—takes a truly incredible person.

Joe is a lot more talented than people give him credit for. I think people pay to much attention to his personal life and his career with Disney to realize it. Joe is such a passionate performer and I’m ALWAYS left in awe when I watch him on stage. He has this talent that cant really be taught. You can tell he loves what he does when he stops on stage. He just has this fire in his eyes, and I know it sounds cliché but it’s true. He can work a crowd and pay attention to an audience but he can also get lost in himself and in the music. It is such an amazing thing. It almost makes me wish I had some type of musical talent, just so that I can feel that rush that I’m sure he feels.

I guess this was just a self-rant because I really felt the need to say it. It makes me feel like an idiot to say “Joe Jonas saved my life” because it’s not like he ran up to me right when I was going to jump off the ledge—I don’t know if I’m ever REALLY going to jump off the ledge but I do know that whenever I lose hope in everything, I think about Joe and the incredible things he’s done, I think about his honesty and his heart and it makes me feel like just maybe, I can survive this thing called life.

Although, he won’t see this (and I kinda hope he doesn’t because it’s midnight and I slept like 4 hours last night and I’m not sure anything makes sense at this point) I truly hope the best for him. Like I said, I didn’t know all the incredible potential that Joe had when I became a fan of his, I didn’t know that he was destined for so much greatness. Although I’m kind of biased, I know that this is a person who actually deserves for his hopes to become reality.

 I am probably going to support him until I’m like, old enough to not have Alzheimer’s and I’m okay with that.

 I’m excited for his new show, new music, and future tours/projects.  

Thank you, Joe Jonas.

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are taking a stand against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT legislation.

Two months before their Honda Civic Tour kicks off, the singers announced that they would be cancelling two shows in the state.

“After much thought and deliberation, we have decided to cancel our Honda Civic Tour: Future Now shows in Raleigh and Charlotte,” the performers shared on social media. “One of our goals for the tour has always been to create an atmosphere where every single attendee feels equal, included, and accepted for who they are.” x