being German you always get asked ‘How could you guys vote for Hiter?’ from other people or in history classes. Besides the fact, that I did not vote for him since i came like 60 years too late -there you go! Because he said what the people wanted to hear, because they did not care about his aims, they cared about him saying Germany is gonna be a real power again (i have to restrain myself from writing ‘make Germany great again’). That’s fucking why. People were frustrated, they were disappointed in the politics and they thought this would be an easy way out, he would help Germany.

Guess what, he fucking did not. 

out of all the 1d moms, i think jay always felt, at least to me, the most like the fandom mom. she always radiated with so much love and care for others, and she was a shining example of how to remain a good person and be kind to others even when they aren’t kind to us. even through the little tidbits of information that she shared about louis and their family with us, and with the way she tried to constantly talk to fans via social media and tried to brighten people’s days just as she taught louis to do, it made us feel like we had a connection with her. and i think that’s probably why this is hitting so many of us so hard even though we didn’t actually know her personally. because we still lost a bright light from our lives, an honorary family member, and she will forever be missed.


Guess who’s making murals again? XD Picking were we left off, we continue the collection with more humans! This week featuring the lovely Johanna and the adventurous Rebecca :D Seeing all the people that the girls helped staying in the audience of the new videos encouraged me to keep up with this collection and make all the humans I can! Every Friday you might get a chance to see your favorite human so stay tuned :D

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[ The Queen and Morgaine-Talia, Iris and Auriana-The King and Gramorr-The Resistance trio-Mephisto and Praxina-Kakos, Deinos and Lev-Dark Iris and Shanila Iris-Nathaniel and Lily-Doug and Brenda-Aunt Hellen and Princess Brenda]

Obama was the best thing to happen to the United States. So many thing happened, i was jealous of or happy about: equal marriage, Obamacare (well okay we have health care in Germany) - he tried to have stricter gun laws. And now there is Donald Trump, who’s on trial for rape in December, pro Gun, his vice president thinks you can heal being gay with electro shocks - WHY. 


I was tagged by aria // @paintpossum , to do the 2016 selfies thing. I chose some of my favorite photos featuring friends plus photos taken of me by my girlfriend and my boyfriend!

Just naming off the top of my head: @ladysarcactus , @pdalien , @spiderkittay , @snxwybxy , @lazydazes , @theviolentfems , @scruuthelightbulb , @1980sboyfriend ((( if you’ve already done it just ignore this aha ! also feel free to not do this )))

i finished Acomaf

holy shit. i don’t think i loved a book this much since Clockwork Princess! Sarah J. Maas as an unparalleled way with words, i laughed and cried and couldn’t stop reading (although i really should’ve since i had to study). I have to admit after ACOTAR i was a major Tamlin Fan but ACOMAF completely transformed me - Rhysand is the most precious and the perfect mate for Feyre!! I could talk the entire day about this amazing book, everyone who hasn’t read it yet (i cannot believe you exist i thought i was the last one to read it) GO AND BUY THIS FUCKING BOOK.