Nick Jonas imagine for anon.

It was the day of your wedding, you were nervous of course. Your bridesmaids and your mother were in the back room of the church helping you get finished up in the last fifteen minutes.

“Are you excited?” Your maid of honor asked. She’s been your best friend for almost five years.

“I am, I’m also sweating like a pig.” You laughed a bit.

“Don’t sweat it hun, it’ll all be over soon.”

“Your father is out the door waiting. It’s time.” Your mother smiled and hugged you.

You take a deep breath and head out with your father. Your father wasn’t pleased with your soon to be husband for the longest time, considering he was in the biggest boy band group of all time.

“I’m proud of you y/n.” Your father said right before the big doors opened.

The music started playing that you and Nick had set up, you seen your bridesmaids standing there smiling, along with Nick and his groomsmen. But Nick’s smile shined the brightest.

You loved his smile, he rarely ever did it while showing his teeth.

Being at the alter felt like it took years, you couldn’t wait to have Nick grab you and the both of you passionately kiss on front of everyone, not embarrassed or feeling inappropriate.

Finally you all left the church to go to the reception. There was music, everyone was dancing and having such a great time. You and Nick just sat at your table, enjoying your life as a newly married couple, and seeing how happy everyone was to witness your wedding, felt amazing.

“Um check, 1-2.” Joe, Nick’s best man, took it upon himself to start the toast, but not without a long story first. “I’d like to say congratulations to my younger brother Nicholas Jonas for marrying the woman of his dreams! He’s talked about it for so long and I was surprised to hear he had the balls to propose!” The guests chuckled. “Nah but seriously. I love y/n to death. I am so happy that you are my sister in law. I remember when you guys started dating. I honestly didn’t think it would last due to our crazy schedules but you, you stood by my brother through everything and I haven’t seen anyone, ever, make him feel this happy like the way you do! So cheers, to a long and happy marriage!”

Everyone clapped and raised their glasses.

Joe’s speech did make you tear up a little bit. It made you feel closer to him.

“I love you y/n, I’m so happy you’re finally my wife.” Nick smiled.

“I love you too Nick, I and extremely happy to be your wife and for you to be my husband.”