Pretty little things 🌿🌿 So inspired by this! Found on tumblr (you can see more of what I love at AnnieJaffrey.tumblr.com) Do you guys like this style too? #inspired

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Gypsy Inspired Lookbook 2016

Tell me my future, ma’dam Volkov 

hair / septum / necklace / top / robe / velvet shorts / sandals 

hat / hair / shirt dress / boots 

head scarf / hair / necklace / top / kimono / jeans / flats 

I am reading a bit of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. He is just an amazing man. I enjoy the insights to why he pursued his course of action. He was passionate about learning and willing to try new things. I appreciate his example and courage in being willing to lead and risk failure.

His ideas of 13 virtues are admirable.