anonymous asked:

You are telling me that you wouldn't try to get a picture with him if you saw him?

I can give you a 110% guarantee that I would in no way even think of doing that. I want to MEET him. I would give my left arm to have the chance to meet him. Getting a quick picture “with” him, where he hasn’t even looked at you, where he is trying to catch a flight, or get into a restaurant, or trying to have a normal night out with his friends is NOT meeting him. I want to talk to him, have him look into my eyes like he does with everyone he actually talks to. I want him to think of me as a person, not a stalker who thinks his only use is a picture to prove that you met a celebrity. I want to tell him how much he means to me, and so many other people. I’m not going to get that by running him down and treating him like a circus animal. He deserves more than that.