After leaving her small hometown in Mississippi to chase her dreams in New York, Lyric Ali finds that the vision in her head is not the reality right in front of her. But an open mic showcase win at a popular nightclub, owned by well known Russ Prozay, puts her on the radar. But she’s not satisfied with just being known, she wants the spotlight. To have that that stardom she must take the place of Russ’ current lady, Rayna Devoe and she isn’t leaving without a fight.

In the quest to be at center stage Lyric discovers two things: One, she’d do things she never imagined and two the dirty little secret of her past has come to haunt her.


Imagine: You are almost done with school; you just have your finals to worry about. You were really excited to finally hang out with your boyfriend, Ian. You were really stressed out over finals week and you had your toughest final on Wednesday. It was Tuesday afternoon and Ian kept texting you that he wanted to come over. You didn’t reply to his messages since you were busy, and when it came to dealing with stress you get really moody. Ian got frustrated of texting you and called you. “What?!” “Baby I texted you like ten times!” “Ian, I don’t have time for this! I’ll call you tomorrow.” “Ba-“ You hang up on him before he even finishes what he was going to say. You hear your phone buzz right away and read Ian’s message. “Babe I understand that you’re stressed, but don’t take it out on me…I’m coming over tonight I wanna sleep with you, mi amor :)” You immediately got annoyed at him and replied “Seriously,Ian don’t bother coming over I’m sick and tired of you bothering me! Just leave me alone dammit!” He didn’t reply to you so you texted him again “I hope you got the hint, leave me alone!“ You head back to your apartment in a couple hours and as soon as you walk in you see Ian asleep on your couch. You were super pissed, and walked over to him. You were ready to smack him, and then you stopped and looked at him. After talking to him the way you did, any other guy would have left, but he didn’t. You felt terrible for talking to him the way you did, and you began to cry. You crawl onto the couch with him and whispered, “I love you Ian”.  You close your eyes, and feel a soft kiss on your forehead, and hear “I love you more.” You don’t deny it and fall asleep in Ian’s arms.


“Luckily these two are seasoned pros – and are clearly still amicable in real life – as they acknowledged the aforementioned awkwardness in a clever speech recounting their characters’ journey together – and their own. "At the beginning of the show, Elena actually hated Damon,” says Nina. After some obstacles, they finally got together on the show and in real life. “And then we broke up in real life,” says Nina. “And yet our characters are still dating on the show,” notes Ian. "It’s a good thing it’s not awkward,“ Nina deadpans as the pair smiled and Ian gave his former girlfriend a peck on the cheek. "Well, it’s a good thing we have chemistry,” she quips. Then they high-fived as the camera pulled away.“