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Imagine chilling with Your brothers after a long exam week.

You came home after a long week of exams, you smelled pie. “ I know that smell. “ You smiled when you came in the kitchen. Sam turned around. “ Yep, your favorite apple pie. “ You took a seat and watched Sam as he kept on baking. “ O, and shorty, today there is no hunt or research so we are going to watch movies and eat pie and junk food. “ You smiled. “ I’m already excited. “

You and Sam waited for Dean. “ Where did he go anyway? “ You heard the door of the bunker open. “ He was getting the junk food. “ You heard the heavy footsteps from Dean coming to the kitchen. “ Who ordered food ? “ He asked with a wide smile on his face. You and Sam smiled and digged in the bags. “ Hey, I just made pie. “ Sam said when he grabbed a pie out the bag. Dean came closer and grabbed the pie. “ But I don’t trust your baking. “ You laughed and shook your head. “ Are we going to watch some movies or what ? “ They both nodded and made there way to Sam’s room.

You and Sam were lying on the bed and Dean sat on a chair with his feet on the bed. “ So, which movie are you going to pick ? It’s Your night. You can choose. “ you thought for a while. “ why not My bloody valentine and then Friday the 13. “ you said. They both nodded. The whole night you and your brothers watched movies and at all the junk food until Sam felt a head on his shoulder. He turned his head and saw your head on his shoulder. “ I think someone is tired of this week. “ Sam said. “ no, shit Sherlock, she been up for hours to study. “ Dean said. Sam carefully lied you down on the bed before scooping you up. He brought to your to your room and put you in bed. He gave you a kiss on your forehead head. “ sweet dreams sis. “

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