African states endorse installation of a mega radio telescope

Nairobi, Kenya (XNA) Nov 06, 2014
Nine African countries on Tuesday agreed on modalities of setting up one of the world’s largest radio telescopes that will revolutionize space science in the continent. Government officials meeting in Nairobi said the countries have finalized the harmonization of policies and laws to facilitate the installation of the radio telescope dubbed Square Kilometer Array (SKA). “The appetite for r
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limegreenandloki: untitled offering

(i don’t know You as well as i would like just yet

and it seems that for now you have others to warm with your Presence,

but You who sought me from my ashes, caressing my infant phoenix wings

between your fingers,

don’t leave.  not yet.


take what there is of me that is yours already

and swallow it if you will.  absorb my chaos. 

set me at peace and teach me to govern 

those dissonant, stabbing chords that remain, muffling my vision with blackness, 

for who better than a master of the dark

to teach me to walk unafraid in it?)