Joe Biden praises Bernie Sanders on income inequality, calls Hillary Clinton 'relatively new' to the fight - CNNPolitics.com
Vice President Joe Biden offered effusive praise for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders Monday, lauding Hillary Clinton's chief rival for doing a "heck of a job" on the campaign trail and praising Sanders for offering an authentic voice on income inequality.
By Kevin Liptak, CNN White House Producer

BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden endorses Bernie Sanders!! **

“Sander’s is speaking to a yearning that is deep, and real”

**pretty much

African states endorse installation of a mega radio telescope
Nairobi, Kenya (XNA) Nov 06, 2014
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Nine African countries on Tuesday agreed on modalities of setting up one of the world’s largest radio telescopes that will revolutionize space science in the continent. Government officials meeting in Nairobi said the countries have finalized the harmonization of policies and laws to facilitate the installation of the radio telescope dubbed Square Kilometer Array (SKA). “The appetite for r
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Inexperienced writers tend to seek the recipes for writing well. You buy the cookbook, you take the list of ingredients, you follow the directions, and behold! A masterpiece! The Never-Falling Soufflé!

   Wouldn’t it be nice? But alas, there are no recipes. We have no Julia Child. Successful professional writers are not withholding mysterious secrets from eager beginners. The only way anybody ever learns to write well is by trying to write well. This usually begins by reading good writing by other people, and writing very badly by yourself, for a long time.

—  Ursula Le Guin, quoted here