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get to know me: [4/15] favorite movies → la la land

Mia: It’s pretty strange that we keep running into each other.

Sebastian: Maybe it means something.

Mia: I doubt it.

Sebastian: Yeah, I didn’t think so.

La La land review (I guess??)

Hello everyone, I am one of those people who got extremely obsessed with the new film La La Land and I really, really, really feel the need to talk about it so bear with me.

Before actually going to the theatre to watch it, I already had pretty high expectations. Everyone who’d already seen it basically begged me to go and watch it + I am a huge Musical trash can + it won a lot of golden Globes + it just generally seemed to be a very “Me” movie if you know what I mean. A movie that  really fit into the category of movies I enjoy a lot.

So when i went to see it I expected a lot and I got even more than I expected. I got everything I could ever have wished for in a movie. I am in no way exaggerating when i say that this is by far my favourite movie and trust me, I have watched a lot of movies. I don’t even know where to start, because there is nothing I disliked about this movie. 

I guess first i should start with all the cinematographic stuff. So basically, the aesthetic of this film was amazing. The colours and the brightness and how everything seemed to have a special light about it just really amazed me. I could just stare at the screen in awe when there was a shot of a street, because it all looked so beautiful. Also the visual effects such as Mia and Sebastian dancing in the night sky with the stars/ dancing in the universe (I don’t see this as a spoiler since it’s in the trailer sorry) is so beautiful I got goosebumps.

Next on I want to talk about the music. What can i say? The soundtrack is the definition of beauty. A soft, dreamy, melancholic soundtrack (taking out all the jazz) which is basically all I wanted this to be. People complain that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling don’t really have the needed “broadway voices”, but I think that people who say that didn’t really understand the movie itself. The focus should not be laid on how they sing but on what they sing. It was sung with a lot of emotion and meaning behind it which makes the quality of the singing completely irrelevant. They both have really soft voices, which fit the mood of the movie completely and honestly, I think that professional musical singing would not have fit in this anyway. My favourite song from the movie probably is “The fools who dream”. It is such a beautiful, strong song which such beautiful lyrics, I cried a lot when Mia sung it. I love all the themes of the music and basically had goosebumps all the way through. I always loved analyzing music (I am a nerd I am sorry) and this was such a beautifully arranged soundtrack. I adore Mia and Sebastian’s theme and I loved how a lot of themes were always reoccurring. The best thing was probably the climax in the end, when all the songs were replayed in this huge end scene.

Now story vise (and this is where a lot of spoilers will appear but I will warn before each of them) the movie absolutely caught me as well. First of all, I could really identify with the character Mia (Emma Stone), since she has the same dream of becoming an actress just as me. I can really see myself in her, the passion with which she fights and how she also struggles with finding her way in the acting business running from audition to audition. It’s funny because her life is kind of how I imagined mine would go when I was a kid. Seeing her brought back a lot of memories to me and reassured me again that with going to Drama School and living my dream, I’m doing the exact right thing. Then, we also have Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who’s also got a big dream and who is also an artist. His passion is music and in the beginning of the movie he comes across as a bit of a douche but with time we see what a beautiful character he is. I love how the love story of the 2 characters develops, how they meet, how they then meet again, how they sing “A lovely night” together and how they then fall in love. I especially loved the scene (SPOILER) where Mia is out for dinner with her boyfriend, his brother and the brother’s girlfriend/wife and then in the restaurant they play this song and Mia is reminded how she’d rather be with Sebastian so she literally runs out of the restaurant and searches for Seb in the movie theatre and then they see each other and it’s magical. (SPOILER END) I also love how they (SPOILER) go to the planetarium and dance there and it’s so heart warming and magnificent, it’s almost heartbreaking because it’s so beautiful. (SPOILER END). Their love has something very magical about it and it takes you to another world. When Mia decided to (SPOILER) write her own play and perform it all by herself I was filled with joy because if made you believe in your own dreams and got you so optimistic and although practically no one showed up, she was discovered which led to an audition where she performed this beautiful song. Mia got her dream fulfilled in the end. So did Seb, even though he took the wrong route down that way. He got lost and ended up doing what he didn’t love just because it took him places and he was well paid. In the end, he did open that Club he had always dreamed of opening. By far the most emotional part was the end though, obviously. We see Mia with her new partner and they stumble across “Seb’s.” They enter. Sebastian plays their song as he sees Mia and this leads to everything around Mia becoming black, letting us see this “alternative” life of her’s. How it would have been, had she stayed with Sebastian. It was amazing. It got all the emotions out of my soul that I possess, It made me cry (not that I wasn’t already crying) and it made my heart break, burst and shatter. It was tragically beautiful and honestly, I have never felt this way before watching a movie (SPOILER END)

For me, this film is a love declaration to all the dreamers. It shows that if you fight for your dreams, they will come true. It also shows that you have to make sacrifices along the way and shows the struggles, the ups and downs. But it shows the beauty of it all. It shows that a bit of madness is key, to give us new colors to see. For me, this is the best message a film could portray. As a big dreamer myself, I have always felt a bit misunderstood by people and society in general. People never really understood why I was so keen on living my dreams, fighting for something completely unrealistic coming true instead of settling for what normal people settle for.  I finally found someone who understands. I found La La Land and La La Land shows, that if you dream big, you’ll achieve big. Some people may say it’s too cheesy, but dreaming is cheesy and it’s perfect. 

I found a representation of me and my thoughts in a film and I could not be any more grateful. So, thank you Damian Chazelle, for creating this stunning masterpiece. I will never stop loving it.

So yes, I truly do believe that people who did not like the movie, simply didn’t understand it.