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Parties & Pong (David Krejci)

Anonymous said:

Hi lovey! I adore your writing and I’ve been super down in the dumps lately, lots of school stress etc…! If your requests are open I would like to request a David Krejci imagine, preferably where he’s protective over you at a party, like when someone tries hitting on you or something like that :) xoxo

Word count: 1476

Warnings: Mentions of legal drinking, parties.

Author’s note: I am so sorry that this took so long to write! I really have no excuse for the obscene amount of time it took for me to post this. I’m sorry!

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You love parties. You love the music sending vibrations through your whole body, you love the socializing, and you especially love people watching. David, however, hates parties. You always blame it on the fact that he’s so much older than you, and therefore past the partying prime, but David normally disagrees. In his mind, he hates parties because of the male gender.

You normally don’t get hit on at parties, but whenever David’s with you, guys always seem to gravitate towards you, which makes David furious. You see why he gets mad, but you also think that he’s overreacting just a little bit. You don’t see it as flirting; you just see it as people being friendly. That’s the whole point of a party, after all.

You stand in your bathroom, carefully applying a wing to your eyeliner, while David watches from your bed.

“Do you have to go to this dumb party? You could just stay home tonight and we could watch movies.” David barters with you. You don’t answer for a minute, not wanting to mess up your hard work. Once your wing looks satisfactory, you cap your eyeliner and turn to David.

“It’s not that I have to go, it’s that I want to go. I think parties are fun! And plus, they’re a good way to network.” You stand in between David’s legs as he grabs your hands, playing with the jewelry adorning your wrists.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to parties with so many guys. Why couldn’t you have gone to an all-girls’ school or something?” You laugh at his suggestion.

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french fries !

Krejci and Pastrnak interview (10/11/16)
  • Pasta: (talking about Krejci) I text him funny message, what I think is a funny message. You know what he answers me? - "haha" and when I text him he just stops replying
  • Krejci: "because every time you text me it's 11:00pm and I'm already asleep. And then at 7:00am I look at the phone and there's some stupid joke, like it's 7:00am what are you gonna do"