beltaguise replied to your photo

Do you mind if I ask how you got that intense glowy sunlight effect? I spent a veeery long time trying to figure out the exact same thing awhile back

Basically I just shade with a very dark color, and apply a small gradient of some bright saturated color along the borders to emulate diffused light.

Varying light angles and intensity for mood! I love back light HAHAHa–

Can work it in other hues, too! And I guess here’s a quick walk through of smth similar to that pic you were talkin about, with windows of strong light.

Draw the projected light over the subject

Add shadows on the character. Moved the light going past the character hitting the floor.

Overlay the bleeding light!

I use a lot of this kinda thing in finished pics too– here’s a recent example!

(This image was a collaboration– Sketched by labonbull and linearted by 73oss)