The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 102

Germans love signs and Germans love rules. The great thing is that both can be combined so perfectly. So if you ever visit Germany you will find a lot of signs and especially prohibitive signs. Let’s start with ban of smoking, you will find these signs almost everywhere. It’s not that the smoking rules are so complicated, it’s just because of our love for signs.

And because it fits so perfectly, I have to mention that I stopped smoking 6 months ago.

This week’s praise to everyone who stopped smoking because it’s a really hard thing.

Btw first photo Cologne second photo Munich (with Sunday selfie)


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 100

Woohoo! This is post number 100! That’s unbelievable! I learned a lot about our hometowns. Even though Heiko and I don’t like each other, for this little project we met in Cologne and Munich. This and next week we want to share what we liked most in the other city.

Stephi: I love the cathedral in Cologne (first photo). It’s such an impressive building inside and outside. I remember that I said loud “WOW” when I was in the cathedral for the first time. I like the dark atmosphere mixed with the colorful windows.

Heiko: I had two ‘aha’-moments. One was when we went to Munich’s river, the Isar. My first reaction was: “You call that a river?” Stephi always said that the Isar is just a little river but to me it looked more like a little creek. We have rivers that size all around.
Still, the river had something magical. We went there in the evening hours and the sun already set with just a little orange glow of yellow and orange. The evening mood with the snow made this a great place to be even though it was colder than cold.

Thank you everyone for following our little series!

And no, I don’t like Stephi, at all.


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 98

Cold town, winter in the city is our theme for this week. What seems a bit strange because for a few days we have spring weather in our hometowns. But let’s ignore that for a few minutes and look at Cologne (first photo) and Munich (second photo) in winter with snow. You may see that Heiko’s photo of Cologne shows less snow than Munich’s. That’s no coincidence, Munich is in the south of Germany and close to the alps, so we simply do have more snow here. Every year Heiko and I have a discussion what is better, a winter with a lot of snow or a winter with less snow (which means more grey and rainy). We will never agree on this. But I think we agree that we both enjoy the few spring days this weekend.
Praise to the beautiful weather this weekend, which makes celebrating carnival for Heiko more comfortable.

i just got home from the concert and I’m an emotional mess and my feet hurt as hell but i gotta tell you this 

  • @anieck was on stage during Know Your Enemy and fucking killed it
  • my feet hurt as fuck and i almost passed out and had to leave my spot at the catwalk
  • during Bang Bang the crowd started chanting “NO TRUMP NO KKK NO FASCIST USA” and Billie was a bit taken aback but joined in and everyone was chanting it for a really long time
  • he held a speech about refugees and war and I didn’t catch everything because i was like in the 3rd row and everyone was really loud but I knew in my heart that what he said was right and actually very fitting to Germany so I yelled in agreement lol
  • everyone had a collective orgasm when Billie showed up at the encore to play American Idiot WITH A RED MOTHERFUCKING TIE
  • also billie said something along the lines of “I’m tired of selfies, I want to look at your faces” and i was like OOPS but maybe that’s why he took my picture the day before

The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 96

Last week Heiko told you the best way to flee from Waldo are bicycles. If Waldo isn’t following you and you’re to lazy to ride your bicycle or the way is too long you can always use the underground or metro. I think we all know the situation when you have to wait for the overdue train (hmm, or the train was punctual and you were too late?). So that you don’t get too bored in the waiting time some stations have screens. Screens with short news, weather, sometimes jokes or short movies and of course advertising.
The first photo shows one of these underground screens in Cologne and the second photo shows one in Munich.
To be honest I still prefer to read a book in my waiting time. Once Frank Zappa said “so many books, so little time” and Frank Zappa is right because he looks like my uncle.
This week’s praise to Frank Zappa and a surprisingly fluffy bird who brightened my waiting time more than once.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to Cologne next week, which places would you recommend for vegan food? :-)

hey! :) okay here are some i can think of:

1) well being (completely vegan, awesome thai food, they also have vegan fish things and vegan duck - that tastes in my opinion too real haha)

2) mei wok (completely vegan, all healthy!, whole grain options, also raw options but awesome warm dishes as well, also thai food)

3) 485° for pizza (omnivore with 2 vegan pizzas, without vegan cheese, but the best pizza crust in the whole town)

4) die eisdielerin (icecream and also some vegan waffles and stuff, haven’t been there but it’s good i guess)

5) cafe hibiscus (all vegan, really good cakes, some “snack options” like a sandwich and stuff)

6) burrito rico (omnivore, for quick lunch but you can get your own vegan burrito with soy chunks or so)

7) ecco (omnivore, lots of vegan meals, also everyday vegan brunch, big portions, a bit expensive)

8) cafe schmitz (they have 3 vegan icecreams, the best one definitely is chocolate sorbet and coconut sorbet, SO GOOD together)

9) mj sushi (omnivore, one vegan meal: gang dang tofu, probably one of my favorite meals if it comes to asian food)

10) signor verde (completely vegan, burger and stuff, good cake, in my opinion too expensive)

11) bunte burger (for completely vegan burgers, expensive in my opinion)

12) hans im glück (omnivore, 2 or 3 vegan burger)

13) dean & david (omnivore, vegan options, good for quick lunch)

14) venjoy (haven’t been there, lots of raw options, healthy, good raw desserts but doesn’t look comfy at all)

15) mataim (omnivore, but good vegan falafel and stuff)

16) rich & greens (omnivore, vegan options (burritos and smoothies etc) and a good vegan banana brownie, not restaurant like, more a cafe)

17) the bakery “kamps” is nothing special, but they have vegan “franzbrötchen” (cinnamon bun style) and a vegan apple stuffed baked thing, they are good! :)

What i would recommend to definitely visit? - depends on what you like, but i think i would go to wei wok or well being, to cafe hibiscus, if you like pizza to 485° and to the ecco because they have things like vegan schnitzel and some good vegan desserts :) and of course to mj sushi because of the vegan gang dang tofu, but that’s simply because i love the meal! it’s a red coconut curry with tofu and veggies, rice on the side, and beans with sesame sauce on the side :)

soo that’s all i can think of right now :) i hope that helped! :) xx