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By: leavingonatrain

The very first time Louis remembers hearing Harry Styles’ deep, deep voice, he’s just won gold at the World Equestrian Games and he’s officially back on Great Britain’s Olympic team. He’s also three sheets to the wind, drunk on victory and champagne, and there’s a gorgeous boy whispering in his ear. Life’s grand.

(AU: Louis and Harry are professional riders on the British Olympic team.)

Ao3, Chaptered

anonymous asked:

do you think they're really coming out this time? pls elaborate

Well. I don’t want to speculate and I am side-eyeing everything at the moment. But let’s do this. 

I thought they are most likely to come out next year. Now, however,  with everything happening lately everything is possible and right now I don’t see a reason for them to wait. Did they bring back larry chatter within the fandom? Yes they most certainly did. Is larry being used for promo? Yes definitely, but that’s not happening for the first time.

Though it seems to be different this time, because there are actual changes that seem to be permanent and not just for the promo, so recent events definitely weren’t coincidences. I am almost positive babygate is going to end this week, it is ideal time. Even if they don’t come out this week, imagine how much attention there would be brought to them if there was plot twist and it was said that Louis in fact is not the father. After months of the public being fed up with the image of Louis as a father, be it in good or bad light.

Honestly, I do think there is a chance of them coming out now. And in my opinion they don’t need to build it up any higher, because see, everyone knows. They are pretty much out to everyone but their fans. And what we have been witnessing recently is pushing larry to the fandom and some people won’t believe it till they see it anyway. 

So. I do think they will come out soon, though I am not sure if it is as soon as this week but it would make sense. I do think babygate is most likely to end this week (and with that photo of RBB today even more so).  And I do think we are going to see more Azoff things happening too. :)