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Clay had been about to go out running, enjoy the crisp, fresh air and the feel of stretching his limbs as he always did when he shifted. But he’d been careless, not keeping track of where he was going, or how close he was to the main campus grounds. Too caught up in his excitement to run to notice the scent of someone else with him.

Well shit… All that time spent trying to keep his secret and he’d gone and blown it in a second. He had no idea how long they’d been there, had they seen him shift? The wolf figured he’d find out when he turned back, but he hesitated, watching them watching him.

No te rindas, aún estás a tiempo
De alcanzar y comenzar de nuevo,
Aceptar tus sombras,
Enterrar tus miedos,
Liberar el lastre,
Retomar el vuelo.

No te rindas que la vida es eso,
Continuar el viaje,
Perseguir tus sueños,
Destrabar el tiempo,
Correr los escombros,
Y destapar el cielo…

“No te rindas”.Mario Benedetti.


Florence + The Machine live at iHeartRadio 2015

Please let me know if you find one in HQ, or where there is actually light…?

Then you leave my head, crawl out the bed
Subconcious solipsist
And for those hours deep in the dark
Perhaps you don’t exist

Florence + The Machine - Caught

If you have ever thought about giving up on modern music and lyrics, remember that a song with this verse will probably be on this week’s number 1 record in the United States. If this isn’t great poetry, I dunno what it is…