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There’s this thing going around that Benedict and his wife sophie are unhappily married and a bunch of other bullshit about there kids and its making me really upset. It’s none of anyones business what happens between them and as long as ben says he’s happy we should believe him cuz i dont think he’s the kind to lie to his fans and its honestly very rude to say such things about them when you dont know them personally and also especially with the fact that they just had a baby boy and instead of being a true and loving fan to ben you go around and say these awful things about him and his family. Its just very very rude.

Wallpaperchallenge. I was tagged by kialna and bencumber

Well something not really surprising, an edit of Ben, I still like this pic so very much cause he his this cutie smile. Also, yes, my desktop is always this messy, mostly it’s even more messy…you should see my desktop at work, urg.

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