There is no energy more powerful than love. Love creates miracles, heals all wounds, and purifies all lower energies. You cannot give love away, for the more you give, the more you will receive in return. When you choose love you bring about the highest good for yourself and others. Offering love is always the right choice. With love you can transform or be transparent to people’s emotions and thoughts, neutralize “negative” energy, and harmonize with all life in the universe. All energy in the universe responds positively to love.
—  Sanaya Roman
rude husbands

HAPPY BIRTHDAY present for @krushed, who asked for a rude jikook comp. this is gonna make all of us suffer i think. how about i start individually and then bring them together for maximum amount of pain? baby bun is first;

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this is not okay

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the way he dances and those thighs tho….

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i think im gonna need some holy water after this comp

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i dont think any rude jungkook comp is complete without officer jeon

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he needs to fucking sTOP

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park jimin ruined my life

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i bet that tongue can do wonders *sighs*

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everyone needs officer park in their lives

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you guys know im weak for danger era jimin. im sooooo fucking weak

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why does he always look so blissed out idk but im…not ok.

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look at him. so fucking disrespectful. i felt that park jimin,

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jimin + jungkook now:

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i dont know

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i hate them

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really do

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i dont know why i added that

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pls go and watch this dance practice again. bc YOU KNOW im not seeing things. do pay attention to jimin @ around 1:35 you know you want to :))

happy birthday <333

Bangtan on daddy mode

I thought it will be fun to make “daddy mode” appreciation post for each of our favourite Bangtan Boys. Sooo one boy per day, starting from now. Enjoy! ~San

Forgive me this

Yoongi ver.  Namjoon ver.  Taehyung ver.  Seokjin ver.  Jungkook ver.  Jimin ver.


Honestly, I need Jesus right now.

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I swear he’s trying to kill me.

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I’ve got no soul. But that’s okay.

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Slay me.

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I’m done forever. Hoseok does me things. I can handle him, I’m sorry.

park jimin is SIN

this is for all my thirsty people @bulletproofhyung, @krushed, @confidenceatitsfinest, ami im tagging you too @jikook-love hopefully this is satisfactory. let me start with one of my fave jimin gifs of all time; 

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seriously, why is he so extra. someone explain.

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dont you love it when jimin hoes on stage? i know i do.

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i dont know about you but im thirsty af so is jungkook

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im not looking at that vein. absolutely not.

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the jimin solo that ruined everyone. he took rude to another level. but then again, when does he not

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yes yes very good

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i honestly have no idea how jimin takes a choreo like boyz with fun and manages to make it sexy as fuck.

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bless whoever added this to baepsae

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why does he look like uh…l-like

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blonde jimin ruined my life. no. park jimin ruined my life.

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im so, so weak for danger era jimin

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soooo w e a k

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this is one of the hottest gifs to ever exist and you cant convince me otherwise.

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no rude jimin is complete without that tongue. this is not okay.

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no way am i skipping this gif. #legendary

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i cant believe hes being this rude and disrespectful. i feel personally attacked

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i dont know how to stop

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i love uniforms. bless the stylist..just…bless. thank you. 


ok another bonus:


Appreciation can create hope

Right now, a lot of people are feeling hopeless — and are feeling that maybe nothing they do matters. This kind of despair is dangerous. 

If there are things you appreciate about someone, now is a good time to tell them about it. If someone does things that you appreciate, now is a good time to tell them what those things are and what they mean to you.

When it’s hard for people to remember that their actions matter, hearing from people they matter to can make all the difference.

People who you appreciate may be having a very hard time believing that their actions make any difference right now. (Actually, this is always the case, but especially in times like these). Telling people what they mean to you can help them find ways to keep going.

Even when people seem popular and confident, it’s worthwhile to let them know  that they and their actions matter to you is worthwhile. Being visible and projecting confidence can be exhausting. Hearing that what you do matters to others can make all the difference. It’s less exhausting when you’re reminded that it’s worth it, and that what you do means something to someone.

Don’t assume that it goes without saying. If you don’t tell people about what you appreciate, they often don’t know. People can’t read your mind, and they may well not know. Even if they do, the reminder is often helpful. 

(A caveat here: This doesn’t suspend the usual rules of boundaries. If someone’s blocked you or otherwise indicated that they don’t want contact, leave them alone. Don’t make sexual comments or comment on people’s bodies unless you’re in a relationship in which you have ongoing consent to do that. Etc. And if you’re not sure about boundaries and want help, send an ask.)

tl;dr A lot of people are fighting through a fog of despair right now. If you tell people what you appreciate about them and/or their actions, it can clear up a lot of fog and help them to find hope again. Being reminded that you matter and your actions mean something to someone can make all the difference.

Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester is beautiful.
Sam Winchester is smart.
Sam Winchester is funny.
Sam Winchester is sarcastic.
Sam Winchester has made mistakes.
Sam Winchester cares about his family.
Sam Winchester is understanding.
Sam Winchester is patient.
Sam Winchester is kind.
Sam Winchester is trustworthy.
Sam Winchester is HUMAN.