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I've been feeling depressed lately. So maybe something like one of them trying to cheer the other with some soft pampering? Like cuddles and blankets and hugs and shit.

(Idk if this is what  you wanted, but I really wanted to write old aokaga. Hopefully you feel better soon!)

Kagami felt his right knee begin to ache as he sat on the cushioned bench. He could feel the slight chill seeping into his bones and he knew he was going to need a couple minutes to fully stand straight. He had no plans to move though. He was happy sitting on his porch watching the kids across the street as they played a rough version of 3v3. He smiled as one of the kids missed a shot, the ball bouncing off the rim. The kid was loud and flashy, reminding him of himself. Or maybe more of someone else. His smile grew even more at the thought.

The blanket around his shoulders was a surprise, but the body settling next to his wasn’t.

“You’re gonna be sore.”

Kagami shrugged, “I like watching them play.”

Aomine didn’t say anything, though Kagami knew he was watching the kids as well. The silence went on peacefully, Kagami resting his hand on Aomine’s thigh as an arm was draped over his shoulders.

“You miss it too?”

Kagami sighed and leaned his head on his husband’s shoulder, “Yeah.”

They both stayed on the porch long past the street lights coming on, long past the kids running home. Finally Aomine stood, his joints popping as he did. Kagami looked up at him. They were both old now, wrinkles set in their faces, their hair thinner, their bodies less taunt, but he never got tired of looking at Aomine. His husband had aged beautifully, his face still perfect, his body still strong.  

“You gonna just stare all day or you gonna come inside?”

Kagami laughed at the signature cocky grin on Aomine’s lips, “Yeah, yeah. I’m coming.”

It took only a minute for Kagami to realize his body had stiffened up and there was no way he was going to be able to stand. It took Aomine less time to realize, his husband already bending down to wrap his arms under Kagami’s legs.

“I told you so.”

Kagami held onto Aomine’s shoulders as he was hauled up into his husband’s arms, “Shut up Aho.”

Aomine simply grinned and kissed Kagami’s cheek as he carried him inside.

Rivalry Ship Logic
  • Me: *sigh* they're like, fated.
  • Friend: Don't they hate each other
  • Me: UM NO silly that's just sexual tension
  • Friend: They're running out of insults to call each other
  • Me: so?
  • Friend: They only glare at each other and interact only when there's some high level of violence present
  • Me: so?
  • Friend: ...will it take one actually killing the other for you to stop shipping them together
  • Me: yep
  • Me, a minute later: maybe

We have all been there. Don’t lie.😃

Friend- you been on your phone for a while.

Me- I’m reading something.

Friend- about what?

Me- *reading a really hardcore smut fanfic about my otp on ao3*

Me-…about puppies…

Friend-oh, can I see


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*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul

  • Kagami: A week ago I accidentally slept with Aomine.
  • Kuroko: Really?
  • Kagami: Yes.
  • Kuroko: You accidentally slept with Aomine-kun?
  • Kagami: Yes.
  • Kuroko: Accidentally?
  • Kagami: Yes.
  • Kuroko: I don’t understand. Did you trip over something?
  • Kagami: Do you see that fly which wants to get out through the closed window? You are just like it.
  • Aomine: Because I don't give up easily?
  • Kagami: No, because you are stupid and without a future.

i will never stop seeing klance and aokaga as the same ship lmao

i forgot how to draw lance and aomine so i literally thought “draw lance and color his hair blue/draw aomine and color his hair brown” as i drew this

also i learned to never draw kags in keef’s clothes ever again cuz jfc he looks so weird

You know when you get into a fandom and you look at two characters and you think ‘I wonder if they’re a ship’. Then you look it up out of pure curiosity and find out it is a ship. That’s how you start shipping it and you don’t realize what you’ve just done. As you fall farther and farther down the pit you just dug yourself and then you realize ‘What the fuck did I just do?’