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A preview of Alex as Leo Beiler in Mute was shared by the film’s director, Duncan Jones, today (January 19, 2018). Mute will be released on Netflix on Friday, February 23rd!

Duncan also discussed Mute today on his twitter:

So some of you may be aware that I have previously called @Mute my “Don Quixote.”  I did this, as much like Terry Gillian’s fabled film of that name, it seemed everything was against Mute ever being made.  In fact, here’s an early draft… from 2003!

Back then the film was a very different beast.  It was set in London, contemporary and the cast would have been Cary Grant, Boris Karloff & Bela Lugosi.  Ok.  Maybe not that cast…

It was going to be my first film.  I sent it to Sam Rockwell who loved it!  
…but he wanted to play Leo, the part that would later go to Alex Skarsgård.  I wouldn’t budge but was so enamoured with Sam, I decided to write something just for him.  That was Moon.

Years past, Mute kept being pushed to the back burner. Life filled up with Source Code, my amazing wife’s successful battle with cancer, Warcraft, dad’s cancer, baby, the wonderful woman who raised me, Marion’s sad loss to brain cancer.  We’d do a graphic novel with @FabryGlenn

But sadly that book never fully came to fruition.

But one day…

Netflix, these crazy new kids on the block, had this totally crazy philosophy on film making straight out of the 70s.  Don’t make 4 quad “please everyone” homogenous blobs!  Make films fimmakers are passionate about & let the audience find them!

So here we are.

@mute.  Starring Alex Skarsgård, Justin Theroux & Paul Rudd.

Out on Netflix February 23.

Got there in the end!

Source/Thanks:  ManMadeMoon twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) + our GIF


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