Kady Grant from ILLUMINAE a stunning, innovative book by @amiekaufman and Jay Kristoff !

Devoured it in two days. Stellar use of Chekov and POV to limit perspective in narration and make you look over the files again and again, definitely gives you more every re-read. You must get the hardcover - it’s epic and uses graphics so well. A well deserved bestseller. Can’t wait to see you guys at @yallwest!

hi everyone

this post is kind of hard to write, because it is about family. my uncle and aunt just had a beautiful baby boy on the fourteenth. he has a heart condition (interrupted aortic arch, his heart isn’t fully formed) and is currently getting heart surgery on his tiny heart. I can’t be there with them and it is killing me, so if you could send all your love and energy and spoons to our little Aidan who is getting his first surgery (and membership to the spoonie club) on his 4th day in the world I would really appreciate it.