Such a good boy first time out jumping around a decent height since winter break. Maybe we’ll throw him in the jumper ring for a couple 1-1.10m classes for fun this season

Kady Grant from ILLUMINAE a stunning, innovative book by @amiekaufman and Jay Kristoff !

Devoured it in two days. Stellar use of Chekov and POV to limit perspective in narration and make you look over the files again and again, definitely gives you more every re-read. You must get the hardcover - it’s epic and uses graphics so well. A well deserved bestseller. Can’t wait to see you guys at @yallwest!


Last time I recall even drawing Bruce, was when HoT came out, and he crashed in the jungle, so I apologize because what is this thing you call ‘consistency’ lol 

Anyways, he’s 26, jack of all trades, but more of a pharmacist, usually spending most of his time developing potions and/or gadgets/turrets that would help people in battles. Currently lives alone in a studio apartment, either in DR or LA, I haven’t decided yet. He also has heterochromia (eyes are different colors), which is a feature he loathes about himself a lot. When incredibly bored, enjoys solving incredibly hard mathematical equations. ALSO something I haven’t yet mentioned, but Cedrick is now a dad, and his son is named Aidan after my pre-searing mesmer, from GW1 (who is also Cedrick’s great-great-idk-how-many-more-great grandfather lol), which makes Bruce his uncle, since him and Cedrick are cousins (how the heck do you draw small children like ???)

Doodles from livestream, thanks for anyone who stopped by and kept me company <3