i still have a few more things to reorganize but do you guys think my room looks ok ? i have a lot of wallspace so everything is a bit more spread out, which i like .. but i also worry its a little too chaotic! either way it feels very cozy and my bed is veryyyyy comfy

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i read an ask you got a while back about how the phases of the moon & when the moon is on the other side of the planet for the moon's eye plan dont make sense. my brother & i always liked to think that Naruto took place in a complete fantasy world like Narnia where the world really is flat and it all just tables off at each end and the moon didn't really exist until the juubi was sealed :P it still leaves a few holes but it makes the world more interesting for us tbh

In which the shinobi world is like Discworld? I could actually see that. xD

They tragically try to keep the number of Angerme members uneven, so that they don’t need to change the Taiki Bansei choreography, lol.

Anyone else thinking with TWO additions to Angerme that Aiai will be leaving permanently?

I like Musubu and I think her voice is great for Anju, but I’m still a little sad Anju is getting two new members at this time. I wanted to see more of the current 8-nin. But nothing can be done about it, I know Musubu will still be a good fit.

if they had consulted tsunku then none of this mess woulda happened. Ayano in angerme?? Are yall serious??

Gonna go out on a limb here and wonder how Maho is feeling about all this. They added two new POPULAR members while she was gone so I hope she doesn’t feel replaced. Still really impressed with how well ANGERME were taking the announcement though.

I can see Angerme has one of the best group dynamic in H!P but I still can’t like their songs (I only like a few of their early releases while the recent ones came off as meh to me) so I’m sort of upset that my favorite, Funaki, is transferred there. I love her voice but I don’t like Anju’s songs I don’t like the idea of her singing Anju’s songs but I still really want to support her ahhh this is frustrating!!


I don’t care if it’s flawed in the subtitles, I’m gonna watch this damn movie anyway, cause I’m more interested in the English dub, and I can watch the Japanese one online :P

But still! I got it! :D


Edited a few screenshots of Zemma, with the first one being the least edited, surprisingly. :p I’m still pretty lazy and reluctant to use photoshop.. But it surely can help making good screenies even better. Gotta practice some more. =o=9

I maxed her on one day, on the other day was lucky to catch a hp train, which let me unlock full druid in one go. Yay for hp trains.

Now I have each profession maxed, but most of them are far from being nicely geared or having a defined build. What a mess tbh. :’> But I’m content with one main + two alts for fractals and wvw. Others will get some love too, sure, but I’ll take it easy. :9