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I thought it was kinda strange that you made money off of drawing Dan and Phil's faces.. I mean, your art is cool, but doesn't it bother you that like half of your success comes from their fame?

if you are judging me online, then yes majority of you guys are D&P fans.
I don’t intentionally draw D&P for money. I draw them because I like it.
Its just so happens you guys want my phanart so I sell it
and I really appreciate it cause it does help me in a lot of ways

I don’t call my online life a success.
I just came here to have fun and stalk meet people.

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Your favorite Tsukki pair + pointless adorable cuddling if you're still taking prompts!

tsukishima/hinata adorable cuddling

“Oi, get off of me.”

Pouting, Hinata lifts his head from Tsukishima’s chest. His torso is still pressed against his arm. “You’re so mean to me. I just want to cuddle with my boyfriend.”

Tsukishima grunts. “There are other people on the bus, idiot. No one wants to see us all over each other.”

“It’s just cuddling!” he hisses. Then, he gestures around wildly with his hands, nearly knocking Tsukishima’s glasses from his face. “And everyone’s sleeping, too! They won’t even see.”

“Go to sleep, then. Like everyone else.”

Hinata’s pout exaggerates, and Tsukishima sighs. “It’s hard to fall asleep on the bus.”

Tsukishima groans. 

But his arm lifts to wrap around Hinata’s shoulders. 

Squealing happily, Hinata leans his forehead against Tsukishima’s collarbone. He can feel the smile pressed into his skin. 

“You’re annoying,” he huffs, moving his chin to rest on Hinata’s head. “PDA is gross. You’re gross.”

“I know,” Hinata agrees. His lips tickle tickle Tsukishima when he talks. “But you have to cuddle me anyway.”

“How’d I manage to get stuck with such a needy boyfriend?”

“If you don’t like it, I can always find someone else to cuddle with.” Breath puffs gently over Tsukishima’s neck as Hinata laughs. “Kenma likes to cuddle. Maybe I’ll date him instead.”

“You won’t.” Tsukishima shifts to press his lips against Hinata’s head. 

Hinata hums happily. 

Just a thing about that post this morning

I personally, by no means EXPECT tips on commissions; I understand it’s an act out of the kindness of a client’s heart but I will not think any less of anyone if they don’t tip! I mean if I wanted that extra tip money it would be in the actual price (or I’d try to ask for extra money if many many changes/additions were made along the way, stuff like that) but I do not expect it from anyone!

It’s the fact that the person was being asked to lower their prices that really struck a chord with me in that post; THAT’S the bad thing…!