sunday, 4/12/16 | 2:35 PM

i just woke up & was, like, i wanna do things on the computer !!

so i’m streaming it :P


edit: stream complicated :U

i had to pause many times & it started to stress me out

then my sickness kicked back so ??

but i’m still on :P

i am also aware it’s like past midnight where most of you are –i apologise

For Rent - Part 2

Mr. Gold/Belle French, G 

Summary: Originally filled for a prompt by leni-ba, now yet another thing I am writing. A prompt from ghostwriter107: Belle asks permission to paint a couple of walls (for color). When Gold comes by to lend a hand, he finds her singing off-key and thinks it’s the most charming thing he’s ever heard.

Notes: So this is a bit of a thing now. :) But I think these two did need some follow up. They are so cute and precious.

[AO3] [Part 1] [Part 2]

Gold stared out the window of the front parlor in his large Victorian house. His eyes were focused on the door of the little bungalow across the street.

Belle’s house.

The very idea delighted him and he was so happy that she’d accepted his offer to rent it to her. It had been a matter of a day for Mr. Dove to get the place cleaned up and aired out after his fortuitous visit to the library. She’d been living there for two months now, but he knew that inside was still in a bit of disarray. She said she hadn’t decided where everything was going to go yet, that she had to let the place tell her how things should be. It seemed a bit silly, but he could understand it. Sometimes you needed to live in a place for a while to really see how it worked for you.

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could nobody stand in front of my house with their car/motorcycle with the engine running for longer than 10 seconds and/or rev their engine unnecessarily loud ever again please, thank you