Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2017)

Part of me

They all wished they had a man like him,
They all wished to be her,
They all wished to have his looks.

He kisses me in the only way I imagine a star feels when it burns,
I can still look at him and see the same man,
Who once cherished me,
Praised me,
Worshipped me,

This is the reason I keep coming back,
No body dances in the flame like we do,

But this is the same man who promised me the stars,
But gave me scars,

the man who controlled my mind,
And this body of mine was his to
Do as he pleases,

But, he would never do that, they say.
We would have noticed, they say.
She would of walked away, they say.
We never saw the bruises, they say.



Do you ever just want to go back?

I miss it. The feels..