I’ve been blessed ♡♡♡♡ asdfghjkl!!! Soooo cuteee Kai singing along. I want a duet right now!!😍😍😍 Source: @alvabear94


I literally have never been more in love with Gaga than I am since Joanne has come out. My absolute favorite album of her’s, it was ARTPOP before, but now I’m absolutely in LOVE with Joanne. I had stopped listening to her for a bit until I begged my boyfriend to buy Joanne for me for Christmas, I knew I would get it myself eventually but he got it for me because he knows she’s “my Who” (he’s seen The Who at least 20 times in concert, they’re his musical soulmates/loves Lol and he knows if I had the money I’d see Gaga a million times over, as well).

SO, I try to keep away from reading about anything negative about my favorites but I’ve seen one or two people write about how this is her second flop album (ARTPOP being the first, but HAH, they’re my two absolute favorites so what do they know) and I just don’t understand it, she’s the best that she’s ever been, wish more people could see it. She’s flawless. Always my lady <3