I dunno what I like best about this:

That Mike Richards still cares enough to chime to congratulate Nicky, even though he was only with the Caps for half a season.

That he did it using a tweet from Michael Latta, who admired him growing up.

Or that he, uh, tweeted it, then deleted it solely so he could add the hashtag #classact. IT MATTERS TO MIKE RICHARDS THAT EVERYONE KNOWS NICKLAS BACKSTROM IS A CLASS ACT.

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For the fic meme: Bäckström, fan merchandise. Thanks :)

It started out as a joke, but a private one, at least until Alex had Mike Richards over for dinner in the waning days of the regular season, doing his best to cement him into the team. It probably would have gone easier if Stick had been able to show, but one of his kids was throwing up and he’d canceled last minute over the phone, full of apologies.

“He misses his dog,” Stick had said, raising his voice to be heard over the horrifying sound of what Alex could only imagine was a lot of vomit coming out of a small child at high velocity. “Just talk dogs and I swear you’ll be fine for at least an hour.”

So as soon as Richie had shown up at the door, looking cautious and holding both a six pack of beer and a bottle of Coke, Alex had simply let Blaick out to jump on him. “His name Blaick,” Alex had announced, and pointed to the area of the patio where the dog toys were heaped. “I’m grilling, you play with him, okay?”

And Stick was right, Richie looked happier than Alex had ever seen him, and he watched Richie throw balls endlessly, and then covertly feed Blacik bits of kebab all during dinner, until Blaick eventually fell asleep on top of Richie’s feet. They got all the way to dessert without much trouble, but by the time they got inside, the conversation was beginning to go quiet again, and Richie looked… not sad, exactly, but turned inwards, like he was thinking about something. And Alex was just getting to the point of figuring which of them was going to start the dance of closing out the night when Richie’s eyes widened, and he went over to– shit, The Shelf.

“What is– uh, what the hell is this?” he asked.

Alex internally committed to losing another piece of whatever mystique he’d built up in the NHL and went over to join Richie. “Gnomes,” he said. “Backy gnomes. Giveaway to fans, couple years ago.”

Richie glanced at him. “Yeah, I can see the resemblance,” he said, more than a little sarcastic and dry. That was good, actually. Sarcasm was a good sign. It was better than the cautious, sidelong look he’d had when he first showed up, like a dog that had been kicked more than once. “There’s kind of a lot of them, though.”

“I like them,” Alex said. “First I started for joke, on Nicky. Take pictures, you know. Leave in weird places. Then I just keep buying on ebay. I got…” he paused to at least give the impression he had to think about it, even though he knew. “Twenty six.”

“Does Backstrom know?” Richie asked.

“Yeah, sometimes we get in ebay battle,” Alex said. “He tries to snipe, makes it more expensive. Once he make me pay, like, almost two thousand dollar. Backy’s mean. He’s the best.”

“Huh,” Richie said, and he looked both amused and a little bit like earlier in the evening, like he was remembering something and wasn’t sure if he liked it. He probably had a couple similar things out there, surely with the Flyers and probably the Kings. Alex wondered if he was remembering that. He’d been captain in Philadelphia. And he’d been important to the Kings before.

“You need one,” Alex decided, and leaned over to pick up the closest gnome and plunked it into Richie’s startled hands. “Make Caps collection. I get you started, Backy’s best one. You’re Cap now. But you have to buy me on ebay, only first one’s free.”

“I’ll  put it right on my bedside table,” Richie said in that same dry tone of voice. Alex liked hearing it. “So I can feel it watching me.”

“Good,” Alex said. He clapped Richie on the shoulder. “You get more soon, get whole team. Because we all watch you too.”

“Well, shit,” Richie said, and he raised the hand that wasn’t holding the Nicky gnome to cover the smile on his face, but he couldn’t quite hide it all. “That’ll help me sleep easy at night.”

favorite ships: jeff carter and mike richards

⇢ “On the Richards-Carter relationship, one Flyer told me: Mike likes Jeff, but Jeff loves Mike. Carter can’t pack fast enough.” […] “It’s not exactly a secret that Mike Richards and Jeff Carter are friends. The two were born six weeks apart, were drafted in the first round of the 2003 NHL Draft, played OHL hockey against each other and made their professional debuts during the Philadelphia Phantoms’ 2005 championship run. They were even traded on the same day by the Flyers in 2011–Richards to the Kings and Carter to the Blue Jackets–before they were reunited later that year when Carter was eventually shipped to Los Angeles. So, yeah, it’s safe to say there’s a linked history between the two forwards.”

  • Jeff Carter: From now on, we'll be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Jeff Carter: Tyler's code name - Been There, Done That.
  • Jeff Carter: Richie is - Currently Doing That.
  • Jeff Carter: Pears is - It Happened Once in a Dream.
  • Jeff Carter: Quickies, code name - If I Had To Pick a Goalie.
  • Jeff Carter: And Drew's is - Eagle Two
  • Drew Doughty: Oh, thank god!