↳ Rafe Adler + Character Selection Quotes

[Special thanks to @rafe-adlers​ for providing me w/ the Biker Rafe footage!♡]

Um this isn’t a fandom blog or any kind of blog really but I had this conversation with fellow fannibal @franicie about murder husbands on social media and I. I had to. And then she suggested I put it on here, so. Just a little sketch thing, used references but drew it quickly so excuse my lazy handwriting/general sloppiness!!


Richard Madden as Peter Leigh in Oasis

No update today because the flu has me in its evil clutches. Sorry!

Thank you so much for the well-wishes and see you next week <3

Also, it’ll be Chinese New Year in the comic soon and Sunati celebrates (the vast majority of future Australia celebrates) so I was wondering - do I have any Indonesian readers who could please tell me if there are any lunar New Year traditions you think Sunati might follow?

Google has informed me that the new year greeting in Indonesia is gong xi fa cai and people eat sweet sticky rice cakes called dodol keranjang. If there’s anything else I should know about (or if this is incorrect) pretty please let me know :)

ENGAGEMENT CARD for @t-w-a-m-p

Hey there ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

This is my gift for the @hannigramholidayexchange 2015 and I really hope you like it! >o< I’ve been stalking your blog for quite a while now and you’re really cool! This gift was a real odyssey since I basically repainted the whole drawing after the first time I thought it was done hehe. Aand figuring out Hannibal’s face with the different light sources probably took me the same amount of time, but now it’s done - so: Hurray! I thought it would be cute to have them wear their engagement rings on different hands because Will and Hannibal are identical different. ♡ 

I wish you a merry christmas <3 (In two weeks ;)) And a happy new year! All the best for 2016! :)