“Well Mackenzie gets all the attention at home. She is the baby of the family and always has been and always will be. She is the one that demands all the attention. Maddie is very independent. Mackenzie is not. Maddie knows how Mackenzie is. That she demands a lot more time than her. They are just two totally different kids. Maddie takes care of Mackenzie. In the morning she gets her ready for school while I am making breakfast and lunch. Maddie like a little mother to her." 

The Illusory Wall Trap

So, dear followers, have you ever been running a game where one of your players is just a little bit too good at spotting traps? You put in all manner of clever things; whirling blades from the walls, exploding runes behind doors, a bear lowered down on a rope. But one of the players just strolls right through your dungeon, seeing every hidden switch, avoiding every pit, and just marking all the hazards with a little sharpie on a ribbon.
I’m going to show you a cool way to trap a character with unusually high perception.

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