Я нарисовала виолаторскую розу на своей старой джинсовке (dm violator era 1990)
depeche mode вдохновляет, как ничто иное!
На эту работу у меня ушло в совокупности часа 4 (подбор фотографий, проработка эскиза, трафарет, контур, заливка)
И я сделала это!
Чувствую себя очень продуктивно и полезно!
Когда вокруг творческий беспорядок, все пальцы и одежда в красках, а в голове идеи - это моё лучшее состояние по жизни. Серьёзно.
А еще я посмотрела фильм call me by your name - очень хорошее кино. Я осталась довольна.
Вот и всё.
Это был День 71 из 100.

Friday, 10am

*стук в дверь*

Открыв дверь, Агнес никого не увидела и уже было хотела закрывать дверь, как заметила коробку на земле. Она взяла её в дом и открыла. В ней лежали часы её отца и письмо. В нем говорилось о договоре Алана с отцом Оливера. Они решили заключить сделку. Их дети должны были заключить брак. Послушается ли она отца или нет? Это уже выбор Агнес.

ok but like? griffin mcelroy’s style of DMing has taken so much pressure off the thought of DMing. i mean i could have npc’s just being like ‘yo dude, sup’ and it will be totally fine. players totally fuck up the a to b of a quest and get lost in some woods? just make up some random shit monsters and call it good. bs the fuck out of these games yo, don’t worry about npc’s talking all fancy. just fuckin go for it

You know what would make DnD just a smidge more interesting? If there was an “impulsive” or a “dignity” stat assigned to every character.

It wouldn’t do much during fights, where each round is choreographed in 6 second intervals and leave no real room for impulse, but in non-combat/social situations, it would be hilarious.

The characters all have a stat 1-10, 1 being ‘No Filter’ and 10 being ‘I Would Never.’ At any time, the DM can interject “make an Impulse Save,” and players would have to roll a D20 and add your stat to it–and I’m fudging with numbers here, but: anything above a 20 is a Save where nothing happens. Anything between 20 and 10, your DM says “You’re tempted to… x.” Anything below a 10 is an automatic fail.

DM: You walk into the fancy party. There are dignitaries, a giant Throne at the center, and a buffet to the side. And, heck with it. Everyone make an Impulse Save.
1: I got a 27.
DM: You’re free to mingle.
2: I got an 18?
DM: You’re tempted to try to sit on the throne. You start wandering that direction.
3: …I rolled a Nat 1.
DM: You run over and stick your head in the chocolate fountain.

Characters can have a set number of rerolls to keep things from spiraling out of their control. They can also change the DM’s assessment if they feel it’s out of character; if #3 above was a thief, it might be more likely they’d klepto the first shiny thing they saw rather than become suddenly obsessed with the buffet. Players can also override the DM by the 3-second rule: if you can shout a setting-appropriate impulsive action before the DM does, that becomes your new action. Sometimes this is in the Player’s benefit. Sometimes this is the Player shooting themselves in the foot.

DM: You’re talking to a pretty Elf. She smiles at you.
1: My Character reciprocates.
DM: Oh, good. Roll an impulse check, then.
1: …oh no. uh. okay, oh no–
DM: Wha’d you get
1: I GOT A 4
DM: Alright, so you lean in and–
DM: –Okay, I was going to have you kiss her, but sure, you can drop your pants, that works too.

Characters like Priests, Monks, or Paladins probably have a high Impulse Control after years of training, and would be unlikely to, say, throw a lemon pie in the King’s face. But since having a stat of 9 almost guarantees you will never fail an Impulse check…

To make things interesting, Characters with a high Impulse stat–7 or above–have to make Dignity checks. Anything this character attempts that is silly, rambunctious, or requires snap decision making, has to first make a Dignity check. It works the opposite as an Impulse Save. Anything below 15 is a go. Anything between a 15 and 20 is “You’d love to, but…” and anything above a 20 is an immediate “Nope.” No, you can’t wear that guard’s disguise, it’s frilly. No, you can’t shout across the market to warn your friend about an illusion, you’ll look crazy. No, there’s no way in hell you’re gonna be The Distraction.

Life-Or-Death circumstances can serve as bonuses to your Dignity check, knocking off a few extra points in the name of saving someone’s life. Players can also force their characters to do the undignified action anyway, to allow for free will into the plot, but any bending of these rules will cause a small amount of Stun or Physical damage to the Character in question, plus surefire humiliation later.

…The concept is a work in progress, but I honestly think it would make non-combat scenarios just a little more fun.