sid you superstitious fuck + sid smiling about geno is what i live for + the way sid said the word ‘geno’ + 'me three years super league’

i’ve watched this video so many times send help

anonymous asked:

What's with the Crosby 86 thing? I thought he was 87...

yeah hes got an 87 fetish and it’s funny as fuck that he’s about to be the 86th player to get 1000 points (the next closest is daniel sedin but he’s 27 points behind sid) and basically im losing my shit over it, this is the single greatest thing to happen in 2017

sidney crosby // it's a boy

warnings: none 

who: Sidney x reader 

premise: you have special news to tell your husband +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 

 From the day you married Sidney Crosby, you knew he would be an amazing dad. You loved watching him interact with young children during various charity events and listening to him gush about it after. You both had discussed it and were both looking forward to being parents and raising a family, maybe hockey players like their dad.

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