A more detailed concept of the Markiplier community mansion! Btw this is only on house… we own a huge area! Van parking slot included!!

Okay I added a HABOOSKI entrance, a soup-room and there is also the office of “Launch Mark into the sun/ocean” of @snowelfxx

Oh and of course the fire! How could I forgot the fire xD thanks for remembering me @alliedoesstuff

Do you have more ideas for little references? I would like to add as much as I can xD

While The Sims 2 was in development EA  would plop down neighborhood objects where houses would go in the premade neighborhoods. All the placeholder objects were a generic model of a house. However, the model used as a placeholder for The Goth’s house in Pleasantview was different. These models are still in the game files.

And the house that the model is supposed to represent?

Yeah, someone at EA took the time to model a tiny version of the mansion from “The Addams Family” that didn’t even end up in the final game.