p: zoe boyle


What do men know?
Nobody knows anything, everyone claims to know me “Declan Harp” but very few know my real name.
Everyone presumes that I am what they see, that I feel what happened.
But not a single one of them hears the wind, not one of them the whisper of the stream of the river.
My pain is not only mine, but it is hers as well.
Because love is the incurable, because desire is perpetual.
I do not know why, I do not know but it is. 

I can not forget her, & i´m trying now like i did in the past. 

Like once i failed, i will come back to fail again, but this time my pain Is indomitable. It is impossible to forget her, i don´t know why. 

She thinks to help me with hope, but really she´s killing me more everyday. 

Because i can not take of her what i want, because i can not give to her what she wants. 

                    (Declan Harp)